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Are you falling for these common plumbing myths

Plumbing myths have been around for many years, and may be affecting the maintenance routine of your Round Lake home. Learn the difference between fact and fiction by reading the following plumbing myths. There are certain plumbing tasks that are best left to the professionals to avoid costly repairs.

Bricks Conserve Water in Your Toilet Tank

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This myth uses a brick lodged in your toilet tank to make the toilet stop running at a lower water level. The problem with this myth is the fact that the brick’s residue can harm your toilet parts and plumbing pipes. It is best to purchase a more efficient toilet that uses less water.

Toilet Tablets Won’t Harm Toilet

Many people use toilet tablets to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the toilet. However, the chemicals inside these toilet tablets are harmful to your plumbing pipes and toilet parts. It is best to develop a regular routine of cleaning the toilet using a mild cleaner at least once a week.

Use a Plunger for all Blockages

The plunger is not always the right tool for all blockages. Before you grab the plunger, use a flashlight to shine into the pipe and see if you can find the blockage. If you have kids, there can be all types of items in the pipe that can be plunged deeper into the pipe instead of removing them. You will have to call out a professional if the item is lodged deep into the pipes.

You Can Do All Plumbing Tasks Yourself

Many homeowners maintain their plumbing fixtures on their own. However, there are plumbing tasks that are best suited for the professional. Modifying your home’s water supply lines is not an easy task and requires professional assistance. Even replacing a faucet can turn into a nightmare if you do not know how to turn off the water line. Rerouting or replacing sewer pipes also calls for professional assistance.

All Plumbers are Alike

Most people just pick up the phone book when they need to find a plumber. However, all plumbers are certainly not alike. There is a big difference in knowledge base, experience and accreditations. Shop around for a plumber and compare their level of skill and costs.

Make sure you understand the exact charges before your Round Lake plumber starts work. It is important that you choose a professional that has a good reputation for quality workmanship and service. Ask your friends, relatives and coworkers for the name of a plumber they have used in the past.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Round Lake, IL plumbing system. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567  for the quality you deserve.

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