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Are you wasting water read these tips on water conservation

Did you know that 70% of the Earth’s surface is water? However, only 3% of this water is safe for humans to drink. Water conservation has become one of the most important issues for our society because it is essential for life on this planet to have water.

As we enter the heated months of summer, water usage becomes a hot button issue as areas see drought and problems with water pollution.

So what are some ways that you can cut down on water waste in your home and yard? We have thought of five things that are essential to being more conservative with water.

Your House Stability


Are your pipes leaking? Do you hear the refrigerator running? Anything from a small drip to a full blown water break can waste gallons of water every day. Larger leaks can actually use up hundreds and hundreds of gallons. If you still have a leaky faucet, you can turn off water to the pipe and then do some troubleshooting to see what you can replace or tighten to shut off the leak.

Use  Your Toilet Sparingly

A lot of things can get flushed down the toilet, but it actually uses about five to seven gallons of water to complete a flush through a toilet. To save on water, try limiting the number of times you use the toilet for other flushes besides what’s necessary and look for leaks or cracks in your toilet to prevent water waste.

Water Meters


Water meters are great tools to use for leaks and understanding your water bill. If you see higher-than-normal water usage, perhaps check your water meter or ask that your utility company test the water meter to ensure that it is reading correctly.

Install Water-Saving House Fixtures

Shower heads, toilets, and low-flow faucets can really make a difference when it comes to water conservation. These are easy for homeowners to install and typically come with kits so that you can install multiple low-flow fixtures at the same time. Those long, hot showers that you take can cost five to ten gallons per minute. With a low-flow faucet, you can still take long showers but reduce the amount of water that you use.

Household faucets can be fixed with aerators. This is a really cheap and easy way to boost your water conserving efforts!

Tankless Water Heaters

Water tanks are also a challenge for water usage and conservation. You should try to install a waterless tank that heats up water in real-time so that you aren’t constantly heating up water without using it.

Float Booster in Toilet

To cut down on the amount of water you waste, you can also put an inch or two of pebbles or sand inside of a plastic bottle and then place it inside of your toilet tank. This weighs them down. You should place them away from the operating mechanisms. This reduces the amount of water that the tank can use to flush, typically cutting it down to under three gallons per flush.

Water Pipe Insulation

You can use pre-slit foam insulation to protect your water pipes. This means that you will get hot water even faster and avoid wasting water to heat up on your own.

Full Loads


Whether you are using the dishwasher or the washing machine, you should only try to wash dishes and clothes with a full load in place. This cuts down on the amount of water that you are using for household chores.

You can also see a ton of water savings by not running the washing machine as much. For a partial load, you should always adjust the water levels so that it’s about equal to the size of the laundry load.

Minimize the Use of Garbage Disposal Units

To use a garbage disposal, you typically have to let the water run to clean the blades and all of the gunk out of your sink. You can always use a plastic cover to collect all the debris at the bottom of your sink and then throw out or use compost to conserve water while also keeping your pipes clean.

Landscaping and Maintenance

If you want to cut down on water usage, you will have to create a different landscape for your lawn. In areas that can’t seem to get enough water naturally, think about planting a cactus or another type of plant that doesn’t need a lot of water to continue to thrive. You can also use alternative landscaping to get a healthy yard without using so much water from sprinklers.

Drought-Resistant Lawns

You can also change the types of plants that you have to decrease your dependency on water. You can use “eco-lawns,” which are new ways to plan out landscaping without using harmful plants and trees that need more water.

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