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Bad AC compressor in your homes ac unit replace or repair

Choosing whether to repair or replace an item is a common household debate. From small items to large appliances — an old pair of shoes, a run-down bike chain, the dishwasher, a used car — the debate encompasses everything around the house, and the pricier and more complex the item, the harder it is to determine the best course of action. So when this debate becomes about the compressor in a household A/C unit, it can be particularly tricky, because not only is the compressor complex but repairing the piece can be quite pricey. So, what is the right answer? When an A/C compressor is having issues, should it be repaired, replaced, or should the entire unit be replaced?

Cost vs Value of Repairing or Replacing a Bad A/C Compressor

The compressor is perhaps the most important piece within the condensing unit (the outside portion of the A/C). Responsible for moving the refrigerant through the system, in addition to pressurizing the unit and switching the cooling cycle on and off, the compressor is a valuable, indispensable piece of the A/C system as a whole. And while the compressor is built to maintain for a significant amount of time, it can still run into issues.

Because the compressor plays such an important role, it is a pricier piece to fix. This factors heavily into the repair versus replace debate, particularly for households with a tighter maintenance budget. For those households, the better option would most likely be to repair the unit, as this will allow the unit to continue running in the short-term until a more robust budget can be put together to replace the compressor, or replace the whole A/C unit outright, particularly if the A/C unit is older.

One way this cost can be offset is if the compressor is still under warranty. While it is less likely to occur, if the compressor is still under warranty when issues arise, the better choice would be to replace the compressor, as the cost of the replacement would be covered. Even though the labor would not be covered, it is easier to handle that cost alone when the cost of the part is fully covered, while in turn increases the lifespan of the A/C unit overall with a new compressor. Otherwise, if the compressor is outside of the warranty window, it might be wiser, and more fiscally responsible, to consider repairing the piece, or investing in a household A/C upgrade.

The last option is to go forward with replacing the entire A/C unit. This is obviously the most costly option upfront but can save money over time by avoiding issues such as needing to repair the same compressor multiple times. Replacing the entire household A/C unit is particularly the better choice for homes with older A/Cs that are reaching their 10–15-year replacement mark, as the parts within these older units will have experienced greater wear and tear and will be more likely to continue breaking down until the unit is replaced. Rather than committing to continuous and rising repair costs, replacing the unit will reset the cycle, providing another 10–15 years of peace of mind.

Trying to decide the best move to make with a bad A/C compressor can be tricky, but homeowners shouldn’t feel like they’re alone in making such a big decision. If the questions start piling up, or if you need a more expert opinion to weigh in before pulling the trigger on what to do with your compressor, give the licensed professionals at Duane Blanton Family Home Services a call. With over 30 years of experience, the trained experts at Duane Blanton will have the answers you need to make the most informed decision about your options with your A/C compressor. Reach out today at (815) 781-2567or schedule online using the convenient online scheduling portal, and the technicians at Duane Blanton will help ensure your home continues providing heating and cooling comfort year-round.

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