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Bathtub parts you should always have just in case

Sometimes, it’s easier for homeowners to fix issues themselves. Doing small, quick repairs helps homeowners better understand their household fixtures and appliances and provides a sense of accomplishment while chasing away the fear that some larger projects present. 

While toilets, sump pumps, and sewer lines present some surprising challenges, there are areas on sinks and bathtubs where homeowners can quickly and easily identify and fix issues themselves. Most of the time, it’s about having the right part on hand to address the issue quickly. For homeowners looking to fix issues themselves and willing to get a little dirty to tackle bathtub issues before they become a real problem, these are the parts to keep on hand at home for quick bathtub part replacements. 

Washers and O-Rings

Fitting in between pieces of the tub and other fixtures, rubber washers, and O-rings are essential parts to have on hand — not only for the bathtub but also for sinks. Having a variety of sizes will help, but be sure to stock up specifically in sizes for the bathtub spout and valve assembly (behind and within the handle).

Handles and Spouts

Speaking of handles, a spare set of handles and spouts are helpful to have in case a piece in the current set breaks. Relatively inexpensive, changing out these parts is also a quick way to update a bathtub’s look to better align with the rest of the bathroom.


Another small rubber ring similar to washers, the gasket sits inside the drain, behind the faceplate. As they get old, gaskets can begin to dry out and crack, causing leaks. Keeping a replacement on hands means an old gasket can quickly be swapped for a new one before a small leak gets worse.

Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

Good advice for any fixture around the home always keep backups of the smallest, most important connecting pieces. Often overlooked, having the right nut, screw, or bolt on-hand when another has broken, worn-out, or become stripped means re-attaching or fixing an issue right away rather than waiting or making an emergency trip at an inopportune time.


Able to be purchased as kits, a backup drain is crucial. Should something conspire to back up the current drain — like too much hair or debris clogging up the drain — a working, secondary drain on hand means getting the tub up and running. Many tubs can handle alternate types of drains as well, so if the current setup isn’t the best, consider switching it out for a model that has a different drain type. 

While it means finding new and creative ways to store the items, finding a safe storage spot for a couple spare parts is much easier to deal with than a leaky tub, finicky tub handle, or a flooded bathroom. Still, if the thought of replacing a piece of the bathtub is too daunting, homeowners should feel comfortable asking for help. There’s nothing wrong with turning to a professional to ensure the job is done right, without worrying or stress. 

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