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Causes of a slow flushing toilet

If the water in your toilet is not properly flushing, there could be a problem that may still be early enough to treat before it becomes an emergency. Consider these 3 potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet to help you understand what the underlying cause may be.

This will put you in the best position to be able to get a professional set of eyes on the problem and get it repaired before serious trouble strikes in your Round Lake, IL home.

1. Pipe Clogging

Round Lake Toilet Repair Services

The most common reason for a slow-flushing toilet is clogs in the pipes. The reason for this clog can be a result of different items being flushed when they should be tossed into the trash can.

Many items like condoms, paper towels, sanitary napkins, dental floss, and baby wipes will stick to the inside surface of the pipes and cause a blockage in some degree.

The more items flushed that do not dissolve, the harder it will be for water to flow from the toilet to the pipes and out of the house. Call a local plumber who can do a power pipe cleaning for you, that will eliminate all the contaminates currently trapped within the pipes.

2. Improper Venting

The venting system allows the water to easily flow from your toilet down the pipes and out of the house. There could be a number of issues with the vents that are blocking the flow of air, thus resulting in the water flow issues.

Do a visual inspection from the ground to see if the vent pipes are sticking out of the roof and look to be in good condition. Damaged vent pipes can be a result of weather conditions or animal interference. Call a professional if you suspect there is an issue with any of the pipe vents.

3. Broken Toilet

Depending on the age of the toilet, moving parts within could be in need of adjusting or replacing. If the toilet is a decade old, many of those moving parts may no longer be operating effectively.

Allow a local plumbing company first inspect the toilet, then give you an estimate on a more water efficient toilet. The new toilet could save you money in water usage each month and also help to reduce those costly emergency plumbing repairs that could result.

Advances in plumbing in recent years will help eliminate many of the issues you could be experiencing with your outdated toilet.

Your Round Lake toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 today, and get your toilet working!

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