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Don’t wait till it’s too late

Round Lake Plumber

There are many things that you can do to improve the value of your home or at least make it a more hospitable place to live. Likely you do take care of many of these tasks every year by mowing the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, repainting the house or at least the shutters, and replacing the roof.

However, many times while people concentrate on the aesthetics of their home they forget about the backbone of the house. One of the most important systems in a home is the plumbing system, and all it takes is one clog to create major problems. For this reason you should consider looking into the many benefits of annual drain cleaning.

Stop A Blockage In Its Tracks

Whether you want to call it a blockage or a clog, all it takes is something to get trapped in your pipes for a pile to start building that eventually might lead to clogged pipes. A clog can cause a sink or toilet to overflow and result in a lot of water damage. It can also lead to a foul smell and an expensive plumbing emergency. However, if you catch the clog early they are easy to fix and that is why you should make sure to sign up with a plumbing company for annual drain cleaning. Regular service can easily prevent the potential for an emergency.

Prevent Roots From Breaking Pipes

The same way that regular drain cleaning can prevent clogs from causing a major plumbing emergency regular drain cleaning can also prevent tree roots from causing a major plumbing emergency. Tree roots often grow up against pipes and can even start to grow through the pipes if they are not tended too. This can ruin the water pressure in your home and eventually can even cause your pipes to burst. Annual drain cleaning can make sure that all roots are removed before they have a chance to cause lasting damage to your plumbing system.

Regular Pipe Inspection

Round Lake Drain Cleaning

Finally, if you hire a great plumbing company to take care of your drain cleaning service you can rest assured that they will look over your plumbing system. They will keep an eye out for decay and damage to your plumbing system so that you can proactively take care of your pipes instead of dealing with the same issue once it becomes an emergency.

Every Round Lake Plumber homeowner could benefit from annual drain cleaning. Contact the pros of Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 to get it done!

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