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Game changing plumbing system tip

Trying to save money by doing plumbing repairs on your own could actually cost you money. Each time you employ plumbing techniques that basically band-aid the problem, you simply prolong the underlying issue and are lining up for a major plumbing emergency at the worst possible time. Here are just some of the reasons you want to hire a professional plumbing company to provide you with annual plumbing maintenance.

Damaging the Plumbing From Inside

Each time you see a backup of water in the sink, tub, or shower, the first thing most homeowners will do is purchase a chemical drain cleaner from the convenience store. These drain cleaners promise to attack the clog deep down the drain and clean the line quickly and easily. While this might look impressive in the advertisement, they don’t tell you about all the dangers that come with those type products. For one thing, the fumes are highly toxic. If the clog is not cleared, those fumes permeate back up and into the home where your family breathes them in. Additionally, the longer that chemical lies inside the pipe, the more it breaks down the strength of the plumbing. When the pipe bursts while you are sleeping next month, an emergency call to your plumber will run significantly more money that a maintenance plan would.

Looking in the Wrong Places

If you are thinking that you can save money on plumbing repairs by doing a visual inspection yourself, chances are you are looking in the wrong places. The damage that eventually occurs in the pipes starts on the inside. Pipes deteriorate, clogs hide deep down the line, and leaking seams are often in locations far out of reach of the homeowner. When you hire your local plumbing contractor to do preventative maintenance, they will utilize several tools they have to inspect the plumbing from the inside. By getting a look inside the pipes, they can spot potential problems while they still can be repaired. This means that they make a quick repair today, lessening the chance you will be knee deep in water at 4am on morning and scrambling to find a plumber who can service you quickly.

The small amount of money you could save trying to do small repairs is nothing compared to the cost of an emergency. Your local plumbing company will maintain the pipes all year, ensuring you do not cause damage to the system and cause the trouble to get worse.

Looking to hire plumbing services in your Round Lake community? Call Duane Blanton today at (815) 781-2567.

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