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Guide to having summertime fun while being water conscious

Enjoying the summer season can be difficult if you’re continually worried about water costs. Bills are rising, and resources across the country are dwindling, and that’s why so many are now trying to look for ways to cut down on water use while enjoying fun outside this summer.

In this latest post, we’ll present a quick guide to activities you can enjoy while saving money on water outdoors this summer.

Try to Play Games on Dry Days

While you should organize your game days according to your kids’ schedules, you might consider choosing dry days to play those

water games with your loved ones outside, waiting for the water sprinklers is also a good idea.

If you wait for the dry days, you can water your plants and your garden at the same time as you enjoy those warm days outside. When the weather has been wet for a while, try to play games that don’t involve using your water resources.

Swap the Balloons for Sponges

Water balloons can be great fun, but they’re also one of the most common wastes of water resources during the summer season. And so instead of using water balloons and having your kids waste gallons of water during an hour-long balloon fight, why not use sponges?

Sponges can be used to soak up water and retain the water even after being thrown. They’re a great alternative to water balloons as they can be used to mitigate the amount of water resources you use while playing.

Consider a Game of Pass the Water Balloon

While you might consider putting the water balloons down for the play fights this summer season, you can also use a water balloon if you want to play a quick game such as pass the balloon.

To begin the game, have a group sit in a circle and then pass them a balloon filled up with water. Start music on a device and then have them pass the balloon among themselves.

When the music stops, the person left holding the balloon has the balloon dropped on them by the person to their right. It’s a game that leads to lots of fun as the music comes to an end!

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