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Helpful guide can help prevent leaks ensure healthy plumbing system

Plumbing Maintenance

The cost of homeownership can really add up if you’re not careful, which is why Round Lake, IL homeowners should take every opportunity to take on maintenance that will help save money.

One recommended action is to pay special attention to your plumbing systems. Being proactive can help prolong the life of your system and help to eliminate potential leaks too.

Here are some handy tips to help you get started:

Water Pressure is Important

Low Water Pressure

High water pressure may be a plus when you are taking a shower but is a real minus when you are trying to prevent leaks. The force of the water strips away the interior of your pipes making them weak.

Eventually, they will break, and leaks will occur. To avoid this, adjust your water pressure accordingly. Lower it to the 40-45 psi range. It is ok to go a little higher but never go over 60 psi.

Avoid Corrosion Damage

Pipe Corrosion

If you’ve got copper pipes, then you will inevitably run into some problems with corrosion at some point. As pipes age, they corrode and leak.

You can mitigate this damage by taking precautions. Keep water temperature moderate as very hot water will speed the process up.

Run water often as standing water creates a problem. Have your water’s PH level tested and add a water softener if needed.

Find Leaks

Identify a Leak

Never put off fixing a small leak. It doesn’t take much for a slow leak to turn into an expensive, messy problem. Make a point of trying to seek out leaks on a monthly basis.

Start in the basement looking at the floors and walls. Don’t forget the water heater. Check all plumbing fixtures for moisture or pooling water.

Don’t forget to pull out your washing machine and dishwasher to check the hoses; these are spots for leaks. Remember to check outdoors for leaks, especially if you have an irrigation system or a pool.

Never use Clog Removal Cleaners

Chemical Clog Remover

Using a drain cleaner to rid yourself of a clog may seem like a good idea at the time, but the longer term effects are very negative.

The chemicals in these cleaners stick to the sides of the pipes and cause decay. Eventually, they will spring a leak. To deal with a clog use a plumbing snake or call your plumber for hydro-jetting.

Don’t let a plumbing leak take you by surprise. Avoid the damage and the expense by being vigilant.

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