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Here’s why your water looks like that

Water for drinking is expected to be clear and bright which is one of the reason to determine its cleanliness. However, you may have noticed your home tap water has a different color especially if the particular tap has not been used for some time or all taps appear to be running discolored water.

If this happens, many people are scared and don’t know which action to take. Many of these issues are either related to water pipes or water mains. The following include some of the causes of why you have discolored water running on your taps.

Yellow, red or brown water

Round Lake, IL Water Filtration Services

Discolored water could be due to controlled and uncontrolled events in the distribution of water to the users. Some of the uncontrolled events include main breaks, use of hydrants for fire-fighting and water main flushing procedures. When these events occur, the sediments in the water mains get stirred up due to the changes in the flow of water. These events are not permanent and are harmless to the health of the water users.

However, the water is likely to change color to yellow, brown or red which could stain your laundry. When faced with this situation in your Round Lake home, the best thing to do is to flush the tap until the discolored water is clear. It is important to note that, if the tap runs discolored water for a minute or two, the cause could then be due to galvanized iron pipe which wear due to rust, when water is in contact with iron.

The way it works is that the longer the water sits in the pipes, the more badly the discoloration will be. This is the reason why it is noticeable first thing in the morning or after several days when no one has used the tap.


Crystal or sometimes referred to as sediments are formed when water evaporates to leave behind sediments of calcium carbonate. It poses no health risks to people and plants because it is a naturally occurring mineral. If these deposits change color to green, brown or blue it is mainly due to coloration by other metal deposit such as rust especially from your water pipes.

Cloudy or Milky White

This problem in mainly caused by air bubbles in the water. The problem has no health concerns. Cloudy tap water is mainly expected during winter months when the drinking water is cold. Cold water holds more air than warm water and when it meets warmer environment especially inside your house, the air try to escape but ends up forming bubbles.

Water cloudiness is temporary and it clears away when water is drawn from the tap. The only thing you need to do when cloudy water runs on the tap of your Round Lake home is to let the water run until it clears.

If your water is discolored in your Round Lake, IL home, call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!

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