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Is your furnace noisy it might be time for a replacement

Clunks, creaks, squeaks, and clangs — owning a home means becoming familiar with a variety of odd noises coming from all over the house. As these noises become identifiable and associated with the specific spots and appliances making them, it will become apparent that most of them can be ignored, and that they’re just regular quirks. However, there are some noises that should stand out, because they indicate larger issues that should be dealt with immediately. For instance, drips within a wall, sudden crashes and bangs, and blaring alarms are all immediate signs that something is off. But what about loud noises that are less obvious signs of a big problem?

One spot that may seem less obvious is checking for noises coming from the furnace — it’s bulky, and kicks on and off, so there are a variety of noises it should be making. However, a furnace should not be so noisy that it’s regularly disruptive. If a furnace is making an excessive amount of noise, to the point that it’s consistently noticeable from other rooms, that’s a strong indicator that it’s time to start looking for a new furnace. A furnace can actually generate a variety of different noises, each indicating an issue that it’s likely time for a replacement, or at the very least, that it’s time for a full furnace inspection:

Rattling – The most common noise to come from a furnace, a rattling is usually an indication that something has been knocked loose, or that something is unsecured. Leaving pieces loose or unsecured can cause massive internal damage to a furnace system as the piece or parts are blown around within the furnace.

Screeching – This is generally associated with a worn-out blower motor, or possibly worn-out belts or pulleys within the furnace. Depending on how old the furnace is, it can be easier to simply replace the furnace versus replacing the motor.

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Popping – Popping usually comes from temperature changes within the furnace, and will echo through the ductwork.

Booming – Subtly different from a popping noise (in that it sounds larger and more aggressive), a booming is indicating that there is likely a gas buildup within the furnace, as the burners cause a delay while igniting the furnace. This can be an exceptionally dangerous issue, and should not be left alone.

Rumbling – This is another noise to be especially wary of, particularly in oil and gas burning systems. It indicates a likely issue with the burners and indicates that there could be an imminent fire hazard. If you hear rumbling from your furnace, contact an HVAC specialist immediately.

Trying to diagnose any appliance or issue from a sound alone is not only difficult but downright frustrating. Trying to pinpoint the exact type of noise being made is hard enough, which is why the general rule of thumb is “if something doesn’t sound right, call a professional”. Furnaces are complicated home appliances, and the HVAC system, in general, is a necessary piece for any home, so when it has issues, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

If you suspect there is an issue with your furnace, or if you’d like an opinion on whether you need an entirely new system, reach out to the licensed technicians at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. The experts of Duane Blanton will be able to field your questions, perform a furnace inspection, and advise on any follow-up repairs or replacements as needed. Pick up the phone and reach out to Duane Blanton today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule online through their online scheduling portal.

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