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Is your toilet not refilling try these homeowner tips

Toilets are tricky. An absolute necessity of modern homes, the actual inner workings of toilets can be daunting and strike fear into even the most hardened homeowner. So when the discovery is made that the toilet tank has stopped refilling properly, many will automatically panic. However, panic can be put on hold, as there are several possible reasons that the toilet isn’t refilling, and their fixes can all be attempted by homeowners before calling a plumber.

The Likeliest Culprit: The Float Ball

The most common reason for a running toilet, the float ball is the first item to inspect in the tank. Sitting above the water in the tank, the float ball stops the influx of water when the water reaches the correct height.

The ball portion moves the connected float arm to block the flow of water coming into the toilet tank. If there’s never enough water in the tank, the float ball is most likely set too low. However, the solution is fairly simple—bending the float arm a bit upwards will allow more water to enter the tank after each flush. If even after doing this, the ball remains too low, then it’s best to replace the float ball.

Adjusting The Flush Handle/Flapper Chain

Found at the bottom of the tank, the flush valve seal — also known as the “flapper”— is a rubber plug that seals the drain hole between flushes. When the flapper is having issues creating a seal, it usually causes the problem of a running toilet. But, on the other hand, if the flapper doesn’t open wide enough, it won’t provide a full flush.

This happens when either the flush rod that hits the tank is too long, or when the chain that is attached to the rod is too long. It’s possible to fix the problem by draining the tank and adjusting the length of the linkage in the chain. When the flapper is fully closed, the chain should leave have a bit of slack.

Replace the lid to check whether the flush rod will hit the lid when the plunger (the toilet’s flushing handle) is depressed. If that happens, readjust the chain and bend the flush rod down slightly.

It’s also possible that the flapper is worn out, and will no longer provide the expected seal. Finding an exact replacement can be tricky, and requires removing the flapper from the tank. If this ends up being too complicated, the best bet is contacting a professional to swap out the piece.

Make Sure The Tank is Getting Its Fill

The last piece to check is the toilet fill valves. They help control the flow of water from the supply line to refill the tank between flushes. Toilet fill valves usually use float arms, and adjusting them will require finding a flat head screwdriver and removing the toilet cap lid.

The fill valves themselves should be on the left side of the toilet. To raise the fill valve, turn the screw clockwise. This allows more water to fill into the tank. If there is too much water, turn the screw counter-clockwise, lowering the level for the fill valve. See if the water fills properly by flushing the toilet.

If after attempting these fixes, the water in the toilet tank is still having issues refilling, there may be a larger issue at hand. At that point, it’s best to call in a professional. For any toilet related issues, or for guidance while attempting any of the above fixes, reach out to the plumbing professionals at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. With over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Duane Blanton have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot any issues your toilet can present. Give the experts at Duane Blanton Family Home Services a call today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule online using their convenient online scheduling portal today.


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