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Is your water really supposed to look that way

Discolored Water

If you are experiencing water discoloration, it is most likely originating from the water main or from the piping system in the building. While this is not a pleasant attribute, it most likely can be remedied with professional plumbing services. Once you find out the cause of the discoloration, you will learn what you can do to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.

What Are The Causes?

Several factors can cause water discoloration. For example, rusty particles and sediment can accrue in an aging hot water heater, in the water pipes, or on the inside walls of a water main. As the water moves through the system, the particles become suspended along with the rust, and it becomes discolored.

Defective plumbing can also cause water discoloration. Pressure on water pipes or hoses can rapidly move water through the system, causing breaks at the weak areas where they were improperly joined. Corrosion at faulty joints can loosen and then get stirred up in the water forces.

How Can It Be Fixed?

You can narrow down the possible sources for the discolored water by checking whether it is coming from the hot or cold. Then, follow the line and check for possible leaks or pipe defects. If the discoloration is in the hot water, you most likely need to flush it out. In order to do so, turn off the power and water source to the water heater. Then connect a garden hose to the drain valve and allow the inside water to drain to an area away from the building. Next, turn back on the water source to the water heater so that the remaining particles can be flushed out. Hook up the power and then check the release valve. By removing the shale and other sediment, the rusty water should diminish.

Rust forms in areas where water or other liquids get trapped. These liquids combine with carbon dioxide from the air, creating a weak carbon acid. This acid can encourage iron to dissolve and the end result is iron oxide, or rust. Therefore, one way to prevent rust from happening is to keep the plumbing area dry. Placing a dehumidifier near the water system is a good option. Finally, regular maintenance checks on the piping system and flushing the hot water heater are good habits to help prevent your water from getting discolored.

Bring in a plumber into your Round Lake home to look over your plumbing system and make the necessary corrections. Call Duane Blanton at (815) 781-2567 today! 

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