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It might be that time to get clean water in your round lake home

Is My Home’s Water Supply Safe to Drink?

The average consumer is not aware of what may be lurking in the tap water their family drinks every day. Most people incorrectly assume that if a home’s water is supplied by a municipal water treatment agency, it must be completely safe to drink.

This is a common misconception. While your water supply may meet federal, state, and locally-mandated minimum guidelines for safe consumption, traces of chemicals used kill harmful bacteria, softeners used to condition water, traces of additive residues, and some microscopic contaminants still remain. Taking simple and effective steps, such as water filter installation, can help ensure your family is drinking the cleanest, safest water available.

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How Can Adding an Advanced Water Filtration System Benefit Your Family?

Contaminants are often found in the average Round Lake home’s drinking water. Some contaminants have the potential to cause serious harm if consumed. Some of these contaminants, like heavy metals can accumulate in the body’s tissues and organs, causing extensive physical damage over time.

#1. Removal of Potentially Harmful Contaminants, Such As:

Certain Heavy Metals Water filter installation can help remove potentially dangerous levels of Mercury and Lead from a home’s drinking water. Heavy metals can cause damage to a body’s internal organs.

Reduction of Radon Levels The presence of Radon in water can increase a person’s risk of Cancer.

Trace Levels of Arsenic – Trace levels of Arsenic are more commonly found in well water than in municipally supplied water, making it important for homeowners that rely on wells for their water supply to have the ability to safely filter out this potentially harmful contaminant.

By-Products of the Disinfection Process – Chemicals used to kill harmful bacteria in the drinking water supply can leave behind by-products of the disinfection process. Some of these by-products are thought to increase a person’s risk of developing Cancer. Some disinfection by-products like Bromate can cause nervous system damage in children and may cause Anemia.

#2 Unlimited Supply of Clean, Safe Drinking Water

No more having to deal with the frustration and hassle of not having enough clean, filtered water on hand when you need it.

#3 Peace of Mind

Having an advanced water filtration system installed gives you the assurance of knowing that you are helping to protect your family’s health from unnecessary harm. They are drinking the cleanest water possible.

#4. Convenience

Instead of always having to remember to refill the water filtration pitcher in your refrigerator, a clean glass of drinking water is always as close as the nearest faucet.

#5. Cost Savings

Consumers that currently rely on a water filtration pitcher for clean drinking water, have to deal with the added monthly expense of replacing the filter pads. Since water filtration pitchers are too small to be able to supply large quantities of clean drinking water, most consumers have to rely on the purchase of additional cases of bottled water each month to supplement their drinking water supply. Installing an advanced water filtration system in your home helps to eliminate these costly additional monthly expenses. That adds up to a sizable monthly savings.

#6. Reduction in the Amount of Chlorine Released Into the Air from Water

Advanced water filtration systems help to remove harmful levels of Chlorine from your Round Lake home’s water supply. Chlorine is a gas that can be released from your water usage into the air that you and your family breathe each day. Chlorine is responsible for the worsening of existing allergy, asthma and other upper respiratory symptoms in individuals that are prone to these health conditions.

#7. Clean Drinking Water is Necessary for Better Overall Health

Water consumption is essential for good health. After all, the human body is comprised of about 98% water. Contaminants in household drinking water can sometimes cause the water to have an unpleasant smell or an off taste that consumers tend to avoid. An advanced water filtration system can remove the contaminants that cause the unpleasantness, thus making it more enjoyable to drink the recommended daily amount of water your body requires.

8. Clean Water for Bathing and Other Household Tasks

Water filtration systems ensure that clean water is always available for bathing, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and laundry use. Using always available clean water means that harmful contaminants are not left behind in clothing, on dishes, or absorbed into the skin when bathing or when performing other personal hygiene tasks.

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9. If Someone in Your Family is Pregnant, Clean Drinking Water is A Must

Pregnant women that regularly consume contaminated water drinking water are at a higher-than-average increased risk for potentially developing birth defects in their unborn child. These birth defects can vary from mild to much more severe. Contaminants in drinking water can also affect young children’s ability to process information as they grow and develop.

10. It is a Wise Investment

Adding an advanced water filtration system to your home not only helps to protect your family, it may also potentially increase the value of your home in the future.

If, at some time in the future, you decide to sell your home, having a whole house advanced water filtration system becomes a positive selling point when listing your home’s features. Potential home buyers often look for “value added” features, such as a water filtration system, when choosing their next home purchase.

Your Family Deserves the Cleanest Drinking Water Available

As you can see from the information presented here, clean drinking water is essential for good health. Our customer service staff and technicians are ready to assist you with all of your advanced water filtration needs.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning installation, operation and maintenance, or any other questions concerning water filtration systems. Contact us today for better drinking water tomorrow.

For quality service in your Round Lake, IL home, call Duane Blanton Plumbing Sewer & Drainage at (815) 781-2567

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