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It’s best to check your slab for leaks before winter hits

The best winter activities are finding ways to stay cozy and warm, spending quality time with loved ones, and celebrating holidays. Winter is definitely not the ideal time to be forced into tackling repairs for a major plumbing issue. Determining whether a leak is minor or major generally requires a thorough diagnosis, but one type of leak that is always cause for concern is a slab leak.

A slab leak occurs when one of the pipes running below the concrete foundation, or slab of a home, begins to leak, forcing that water up into, and through, the foundation of the home. This type of leak is as serious as it sounds, bringing all of the tell-tale signs of a typical pipe leak, in addition to unique issues presented when water seeps into the soil around the foundation, as well as the aftermath presented by water finding ways through the foundation. Because of the potential for such serious damages, early detection and repair are key in mitigating as much damage as possible to your property and your home’s overall structure.

How to Spot a Foundation Leak In and Around Your Home

Slab leaks can be tricky to spot without a thorough investigation, as many of the signs resemble other plumbing issues. For instance, noticing an unusually high water bill is a common sign of several leak-based issues, as is the presence of a moldy or mildew smell. If the source of your issue is a slab leak, though, these indicators will generally appear alongside several others. Wet spots on the floor or carpet is a strong indication that there is a major leak somewhere below the floor, and water is seeping upward into the floor and maybe the source of the moldy or mildew smell. Additionally, you may notice cracks in the foundation, buckling of the foundation, or warping of the floorboards, as a leak under the slab, causes water to saturate the soil around the foundation, as well as leaking into the foundation itself, potentially causing the foundation to shift. Any of these issues by themselves should because enough for concern, but finding more than one at the same time is an immediate indicator that a professional inspection to determine and remedy the root cause of the issues is needed.

What to Do Once a Slab Leak is Suspected

If a foundation leak is determined to be the potential culprit of your home leak issues, contact a plumbing professional immediately to conduct a complete inspection. They will be able to determine with certainty whether the origin of your water leak issues is coming from below the foundation. Those same professionals will also be able to immediately begin repairs, which is necessary. Allowing a slab leak to progress for too long can cause irreversible foundation damage, as well as major property damage throughout your home.

If you have suspicions of a foundation leak, or if you have any questions regarding plumbing in your home, reach out to the experts at Duane Blanton Plumbing. The licensed plumbing pros at Duane Blanton are ready to tackle your plumbing needs, so feel free to give them a call at (815) 781-2567, or reach out online via their online scheduling portal!


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