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Handling Gas Line Leaks

Gas-Line Leak Repair

Natural gas provides a very efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible source of energy for our homes. If properly maintained, the line that brings natural gas into the home as well as the appliances that are connected to it will be safe and dependable. But natural gas can be dangerous if a gas line leak occurs. The carbon monoxide in natural gas deprives the brain of oxygen, making breathing difficult and causing sickness or even death. A build-up of carbon monoxide can also cause an explosion. It makes sense, therefore, to take precautions to be sure that your natural-gas delivery system is functioning properly.

How Do I Know If I Have a Gas-Line Leak? 

Natural gas has no odor. To minimize the possibility of leaking gas going undetected, the natural-gas provider adds a substance to the gas that makes it smell a little like rotten eggs. This bad smell is easy for the consumer to detect. Some home-owners have carbon-monoxide detectors installed in their homes to warn them about a leak even before the gas itself can be smelled. If you are in your house and notice the rotten-egg smell, or if you have a carbon-monoxide detector and it begins to sound, it is essential for you to take immediate steps.

Why Is It Important To Handle This Issue Immediately?

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Natural gas is extremely volatile when it becomes trapped in an enclosed space such as your home. An explosion could easily result under such conditions. But the danger of a leak is also present outside of your home. If you are digging in your yard and damage a buried gas line, the leaking gas also becomes very dangerous, since even in the open air it could make you sick or cause a fire. (Many cities require that a home-owner contact his or her utility company before digging, to ensure that a line is not cut.)

If you detect a leak in the gas line, leave your house immediately and call your utility company and 911. Don’t try to locate the leak, and don’t try to fix it yourself: this is a job for licensed professionals. Be very careful not to smoke, and do not allow anyone else to do so or to have any open flame in the area.

Preventive Measures Are Best

Leaks in a gas line are rare, but they do occur. It’s best to ensure that a leak doesn’t happen by having your gas appliances, gas line, and all connections inspected on a regular basis by a licensed plumber. Your plumber not only has advanced training in maintaining gas-line safety; he or she will also have professional equipment that is capable of picking up any minute leakages in your home’s gas-deliver system, and will know the best means of repairing them.

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