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Outdoor plumbing spring tasks

Outdoor Plumbing

What’s on your spring cleaning and maintenance list? Washing the windows? Cleaning the carpets? Maybe cleaning out the garage? Is your car getting washed bumper to bumper? Another item you should put on your list is to take care of your outdoor plumbing.

With the greater watering needs of spring and summer close by, you need to be able to rely on your outdoor plumbing to be in tip-top shape. Here is your complete guide for this spring.

Before the Sprinklers Start the Season


Before you turn your irrigation system back on this spring, make sure that you didn’t spring a leak in a water line over the winter. Check your lawn for sunken patches, bubbling water areas, pooling water or dead patches.

Also, check out the sprinkler heads. Replace any that are broken. Cut-away grass that has grown too close to the heads. Clean out debris.

Next, replace back up batteries in the regulator. Double check the settings (right date and time). If you want to get more bang for your buck with watering, set them for the early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation.

Hose Inspector

Outdoor Hoses

Hoses are made of rubber, which means that they are prone to damage. If you see any racks, try first to seal them with a patch kit.

Also, screw hoses into the hose bib to make sure they haven’t warped. If they don’t screw in tight, you’ll lose a lot of water when you turn it on.

You can avoid breaking your hoses by not running them with kinks in them and always hanging them up when not in use.

Gutter Cleaning 101

Home Gutters

>After the wind and the harsh weather we had this winter in Round Lake, IL, your gutters are probably full of leaves.

The problem is that these leaves won’t let water by to go out the downspouts and away from your home. The water pools on your roof or runs down the side of your home, causing damage all along the way.

It can even leak into your basement. Don’t take that chance. Remove leaves with a broom and inspect your gutters for leaks and damage.

Outdoor Faucet Check

Don’t ignore a dripping outdoor faucet. Fix it in the same way that you would your indoor dripping tap. To test for leaks that you can’t see outright, turn your faucet on to full.

Press your palm of your hand against the spigot. Is the water pressure substantial? If you can hold your hand there comfortably, the pressure is low, and you have a leak.

With the greater watering needs of spring and summer close by, you need to be able to rely on your outdoor plumbing to be in tip-top shape.

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