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Questions to ask when choosing an AC maintenance service

Choosing an A/C maintenance service provider that’s the right fit for your home’s needs can be a stressful experience. Conducting the search online brings up a number of results, and reading websites will give you extensive details about each company, but sifting through site after site can easily overwhelm anyone’s tolerance for research. Which is why it’s so important that homeowners start off their search from the right place — because getting the best results is all about asking the right questions. 

Use the following questions to get a handle on exactly what you’re looking from an A/C maintenance service company before you start your search. And before you know it, you’ll narrow down the field to the best HVAC service provider for you. 

What Services Do You Need?

There are many services that HVAC companies perform, so it’s helpful to determine upfront exactly which of those services are a priority at the moment in time you’re searching for a service provider. 

Is it time for an annual maintenance check on your air conditioning or furnace? Is there a specific part that you know needs to be replaced, or do you know that your equipment is getting older and you’d like to consult about the possibility of a replacement? Are there odd noises coming from a piece of equipment or from the vents? Is there an odor coming from your furnace that is making you uneasy? Or do you need an emergency repair immediately to keep the cold or hot air running? 

Determining what service you need helps focus your search on companies that can perform those services. It also informs when you need that service performed — maintenance checks can be scheduled further out, but emergency services will obviously need to be performed immediately — and if a selected HVAC company can perform the work in that timeframe.

Where Does the Company Provide Service?

Check the service area of each potential HVAC service provider. Companies may have several branches, but they’re still only able to provide service within a specific range of any of their business locations. Some companies may be able to offer services outside of the areas outlined on their websites, but those are details that will need to be confirmed before setting up an appointment.

How Do Others Talk About the Company’s Service?

Testimonials from past customers provide valuable insight into how HVAC maintenance service companies interact with their customers and community. Folks that go out of their way to include reviews do so with a purpose, so words in favor of a company come with the weight that someone deliberately took the time to share their experience. Companies in good standing are generally proud of the level of service they provide as well, and will often showcase testimonials they’ve received from past customers on their website, so you can know you’re working with a team that respects and cares about the people they provide service to.

What Products Does the Company Offer?

Similar to praise from past customers, reputable HVAC service companies are proud of the products they offer and will make an effort to showcase the brands and products they use. A key aspect of companies that work with national brands that offer quality products is that those brands often require a company’s technicians provide a higher level of consistent, quality service and maintain specific licensing to be able to work on and install the brand’s products. This provides additional peace of mind to homeowners, knowing that you’re working with a team that has been vetted to provide top-notch service along with top-notch products and knowledge.

You’ll want to make sure that the companies you’re vetting clearly state what kinds of products they use or brands where they source their parts, and check to see if what they offer is compatible with your home’s equipment.

Are the Company’s Technicians Licensed and Experienced?

HVAC systems are complex, and require detailed knowledge when being worked on to ensure that any service performed follows strict safety and utility codes. Because of this, quality HVAC technicians are certified and licensed to ensure they are operating with the most up-to-date industry practices when doing their work. Additionally, it’s important to verify that a company’s team has detailed experience, as this shows how well the team has been able to consistently apply their knowledge and skills to keep these complex HVAC systems running. HVAC equipment will be some of the longest serving equipment that operates within your home, which means you need someone who is qualified, certified, and knowledge to get the most out of that system, for as long as possible. 

It’s daunting to commit to any specific A/C maintenance service provider. Which is why it’s important to ask questions every step of the way — and to have someone that can answer those questions with confidence. If you’re unsure about what HVAC maintenance entails, what kinds of services are available, or if you’re ready to schedule a specific service now — reach out to the technicians at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling today! With the knowledge and experience to answer any HVAC or plumbing question homeowners might have, Duane Blanton is a committed service partner for their customers, including 24/7 emergency repair services for homeowners that need assistance immediately. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling now, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule online via their convenient online scheduling portal!

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