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Reasons to modernize your bathroom

According to plumbing professionals, there are various reasons why some people remodel their bathrooms. Here are some reasons why they do: They remodel their bathrooms to increase their home value. They want more storage space. Some people want a fresh new look. Others remodel for handicap reasons. They want their bathrooms to be more functional.

Please see ten reasons to remodel your bathroom listed below.

Round Lake, IL bathroom remodeling 2

1. Increase Home Value

One of the top reasons for remodeling bathrooms is to enhance property value. According to Remodeling Magazine, people selling their Round Lake homes will get an estimate of 71 cents back from every dollar spent on upgrading or remodeling their bathrooms.

US News Money states that homeowners could get a 64 percent return on their investment in upgrading. It could be a new bath, a new vanity, or a new cabinet. Any new look would make a significant change in the appearance of the room. It also depends on your budget.

2. More Storage Space

Sometimes there is a lack of storage space. The bathroom gets cluttered prompting you to make the area bigger in size. It could be the result of a newborn.

Babies are delicate, so special needs are required. More space could be necessary to store things for the infant.

A tiny space gets cramped so more room would add some comfort and convenience.

3. Fresh New Look

Maybe you are unhappy with the way the room looks. If another living space in the house has changed over time, the bathroom could be out of place so a new sprucing up would give it a fresh new look.

Maybe you have come up with a new theme for your house, but the bathroom does not fit into your new theme. Making small changes could help to accomplish your goal.

4. Handicap Needs

Someone in the family may have had an accident. The bathroom would need an upgrade for wheelchair access or for walkers. The tub and the shower would have to be redone.

Upgrading for the elderly would also be an excellent reason. Many falls occur in the bathroom. Making it more friendly for aging parents would be ideal. You could install slip proof tiles.

Also, you could install bars and other amenities to provide safety for your aging parents.

5. Functionality of the Space

If the bathroom gets shared, adding two sinks would be ideal. If you have children, separating the shower from the bath would be an excellent idea. While the children take baths, someone else could be taking a shower.

You could also add a more modern shower with multi-heads turning it into a spa.

6. Safety Issue

Some bathroom remodeling is done for safety reasons. Plumbers suggest that one way to solve the problem is to redo the bathroom completely. It could be a broken floor tile or a hole in the floor, and the only way to get it fixed is to redo the entire floor.

After that gets done, maybe the look of the bathroom is no longer appealing, so you decide to enhance the appearance of a new bath, a new cabinet, or anything else that would change the appeal.

Round Lake, IL bathroom remodeling

7. Repair Work Needed

Other reasons for bathroom remodeling could be for repair work. Maybe the plumbing is outdated, and the only way to upgrade is to redo the entire bathroom.

If a plumbing professional in Round Lake quotes you a price of $800 to replace the plumbing, the best option would be to redo the entire bathroom.

According to professional contractors, you would save more if you remodel the entire bathroom.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Maybe you want your bathroom to be more energy efficient. If this is the case, when you install water saving features for the faucet and the toilet, it could save you on future replacement expenses.

Installing new windows could reduce drafts in the winter and help to save money on heating bills.

9. More Modern Look

Another reason to remodel is to get rid of an old look and do something more contemporary. The bathroom gets frequently used so it would make sense to do a little upgrading. If you are a “Zen” type of person, you could go for a more comfortable and appealing look. Professionals say that you do not have to redo the entire bathroom. A new vanity and cabinet could add a new look to the whole room.

10. Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Professionals state that one of the biggest complaints is mold and mildew. Sometimes cleaning mold and mildew become impossible. They also cause respiratory problems. The bathroom could be poorly ventilated.

The best option would be to only redo the area that has mold and mildew if money is an issue. Otherwise, a complete overhaul of the bathroom would be a better choice. It would also add much-needed ventilation to help keep away mold and mildew.

In conclusion, more and more people are remodeling their bathrooms to increase their home value. Sometimes there is a space issue. Some people need a fresh new look. It could be for handicap reasons. They need the bathroom to be more functional. It could be a safety issue. Repair work could be necessary. Some want their bathroom to be more energy efficient. Others want a more modern look and also to get rid of mold and mildew.

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