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Want to Reduce The Amount Your Paying In Bills Every Month?

Round Lake Bathroom Remodeling

Most people do not consider return on investment a part of a remodeling project but you should. The return on investment that you get from a bathroom remodeling project is not just added value to your residence when you get ready to sell. The right bathroom remodeling can and will produce immediate savings in your water, gas, and electrical bill if you select the right replacement fixtures.

You can reap immediate savings by selecting the right toilet that saves water, faucets that save water in your sink and shower, and energy efficient lighting. You can also save money by considering insulation, venting, and floor heating in a complete bathroom remodel.

Toilets use a lot of water. Old toilets can use a much as 3 gallons per flush. New toilets use about a third of the water that older toilets did due to new design. The more you flush the more you can save. The savings are important if a lot of people use the same toilet.

Lighting can cost you a fortune if you use light bulbs with an old design. New light bulbs have been developed that produce the same amount of light but use a lot less electricity. You should consider the light fixture and opt for a fixture that helps maximize the light from the bulb. Multiple fixtures in several locations can provide all the light you need and still save you money.

Older shower heads and faucet taps use more water than you need. Modern designs for shower heads and faucets reduce the amount of water used by as much as 70 percent without limiting the cleaning power you expect from your shower or faucets.

Insulation in a full bathroom replacement can save on heating and cooling costs. You need to consult your contractor about the right type of insulation and how much insulation for the walls in your bath and the area behind the shower or tub.

New venting fans are available that are automated to detect water vapor. If one of your children accidentally leaves the venting fan on all day you could pay for an upgraded venting fan from the cost of the wasted electricity.

If you are doing a total remodel of your bath, then flooring is a source for savings. Your contractor can advise you about the most energy efficient flooring for your particular bath. You might consider having a sub-floor heating system.

Ready to improve the looks of your Round Lake home’s bathroom? Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 for bathroom remodeling. 

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