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Supply chain troubles and parts for your ac

By this point, most homeowners are familiar with one of the most dreaded phrases circulating across different businesses and industries: “supply chain troubles”. This phrase is being used as a catch-all shorthand to explain why products are missing from store shelves, why certain menu items are unavailable at restaurants, and why wait times are ballooning everywhere from auto repair shops to toy stores. And unfortunately, the heating and cooling world is experiencing the same sort of challenges and pressure felt by so many others. So what can homeowners do to reduce the chances of running into issues with their A/C, and avoid extended wait times or back orders on A/C parts?

Supply Chain Issues Cause Part and Material Shortages

Issues with the supply chain are impacting the availability of certain necessary A/C parts, causing delays and longer than expected estimates for maintenance and repair services. The lack of access to available materials — such as plastic resins, steel, and copper — as well as the decreased availability of electronic components have left manufacturers unable to create new parts such as blower motors and compressors in a timely manner or at a sufficient scale, leading to difficulties for HVAC service providers trying to order and pick up the parts for their customers.

Because of this, many HVAC technicians such as Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling are working to stockpile as many of the more common parts as they can, to ensure they have the parts their customers need on hand in case of an emergency. But not every part can be collected in this way, as many are specialized for specific units, or vary in size and power to accommodate unit variations. So while Duane Blanton is doing their part, there are still unfortunate unavoidable delays rippling across the supply chain that can cause delays for homeowners.

Do What You Can to Extend the Life of Your A/C

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of small maintenance tasks to keep home A/Cs running as smoothly as possible. Make sure that the air filters are cleaned and replaced, and make sure air intake vents are free from blockages, to reduce the stress on the A/C as it runs. Try to be mindful of when the A/C is running and when it can take breaks, turn it off and open windows or run ceiling fans, to help the system catch a break when possible and reduce regular wear and tear. 

It’s also important that homeowners schedule their maintenance check as early as possible. Not only will this allow technicians to perform a tune-up to keep the A/C running, it will also provide more time for technicians to get ahead of potentially larger issues and order any necessary parts before something breaks down within the A/C unit. And while some wait times are unavoidable, getting as far ahead of them as possible will certainly help.

Supply chain issues are going to be a burden on most businesses and industries for the time being. So until major changes in market forces can get under way, it’s important for homeowners to persevere and be proactive about HVAC maintenance. Reach out to the licensed experts at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling today to schedule a maintenance check on your home’s A/C system. With over 30+ years of knowledge and experience, the technicians at Duane Blanton will be able to provide solutions for homeowners to keep their A/C running and the comfortable breezes flowing through your home. Call today, at (815) 781-2567, or reach out online through the convenient online scheduling portal!

Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling is proud to be a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, offering top-quality heating and cooling options to fit the specific needs of Duane Blanton customers. The quality, comfort, and efficiency of Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems’ products naturally aligns with Duane Blanton’s drive to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Ask a Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling expert today about the advantages of upgrading to a new Bryant Heating & Cooling system for your home!


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