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Switch up your bathroom design

Get A New Shower Head For The Shower

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, the shower might be on the list as well. You may have thought about getting a whole new shower in the bathroom, whether it’s connected to a tub or not or having a private shower created separately. No matter what type of shower you get when remodeling your bathroom, maybe you should consider adding in a different type of shower head.

Typically, people have shower heads that spray at an angle but don’t do much otherwise. Getting a removable shower head or even one that has a rainfall effect when it is turned on would be a great addition to any Round Lake homeowner’s shower.

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Add Additional Cabinets

If a bathroom is big enough, then adding in cabinets in the bathroom would be a great idea. The extra cabinets can hold towels and other bathroom items that are a necessity. The extra cabinets will also mean that you won’t have to go to another place in the home, such as the bedroom or linen closet to get things like soap, towels, washcloths, and more. Additional cabinets in the bathroom are also a beautiful way to give the bathroom an upgrade.

Add A Spa Tub

Who wouldn’t want a spa tub that they can come home to and soak away the day? If you plan on adding in a spa tub, then you’ll want your plumber to give you estimates on the biggest sized tub that can fit in the space you have available. Some homes have bathrooms that are enormous in size and can hold a very large spa tub that can accommodate several people at once. Adding in a spa tub is an excellent way to change up a bathroom to make it more fun.

Tile The Floor, Especially Around The Tub

If you have any tiles on your floor, then consider changing those tiles, especially if you insert a spa tub into your bathroom. When the floor gets tiled again, then have tiling done around the tub as well, which will give the bathroom an amazing look that is completely unique, and it will make the bathroom look gorgeous.

Add A TV

Who wouldn’t want to chill in a hot tub with a TV to watch? Add a TV mount into the bathroom that mounts a flatscreen TV, so you can watch TV while you’re in the hot tub. Any of these options could give your bathroom a more unique edge.

Start the new year in your Round Lake, IL  home with a new bathroom! Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 today, so we can get started!

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