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Tips for a more energy efficient home

Homeowners have a clear incentive to make sure their home is more energy efficient. Because saving energy tends to mean saving money. And as energy costs rise while we enter what is shaping up to be a demanding cooling season, now is the best time for homeowners to find ways to improve their energy efficiency to help reduce their monthly utility bills. 

There are various ways homeowners can make their home more energy efficient—from small, everyday changes all the way up to major home system updates—but it’s important to remember that every step taken is a step in the right direction. Every one of these tips may not align with every home’s budget or level of commitment right away, but each tip is worth considering, particularly for the long-term positive effects they provide toward improved at-home energy efficiency.  

Utilize Blinds and Windows for Cooling Shade and Breezes

Areas within direct sunlight tend to be hotter than areas within shade, which means sunlight streaming into a home through the windows will heat up faster, and stay warm longer, than an area blocking out the sun. While the sun will always be beating down on the exterior of a house, the simple act drawing the blinds and shades closed on hotter days helps a home stay moderately cooler. This also takes some of the pressure off the HVAC system, allowing it run without overworking. 

There are also natural breaks in the summer temperature cycle, and those are also great times to give the A/C a break. Opening windows and utilizing fans when the summer heat backs down to more temperate levels helps ease off the wear and tear of a constantly running HVAC system, and helps save money on electricity costs.

Consider a Smart Thermostat Update

Upgrading a thermostat to a newer model with more built-in tech features comes with its share of upfront costs, the overall efficiency upgrades will save money for homeowners. Smart thermostats are able to learn the heating and cooling patterns of a home, allowing the unit to algorithmically apply adjustments to slightly raise or lower the temperature and maximize savings by reducing energy consumption at peak hours, without sacrificing the comfortably temperate atmosphere at home. 

Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

Homeowners may not think to look to their water heater when considering energy efficiency, but it is one of the largest consumers of power within the home, particularly for fully electric models. A tankless water heater heats water on demand, as appliances and fixtures need the water, rather than storing and heating water within a large tank. This allows the tankless unit to operate more energy efficiently, reducing the need to heat gallons of water at one time. Tankless water heaters also tend to have a longer lifespan than the traditional tank models, so homeowners will be able to stretch their investment in the tankless water heater further, assuming it is properly inspected and maintained over its lifespan.

Update and Zone Your Home’s Ducts and A/C

Rather than the one-size-fits-most installation installed as homes are first built out, installing custom ductwork optimizes the ducts to fit the curves and contours that run within the walls of each individual home. This allows the ducts to be run in more straight lines to provide a more direct route for airflow, which increases energy efficiency. 

This also means that the ducts will be correctly sized to the home’s furnace and A/C. Rather than running a furnace with mismatched ducts that are potentially too large or small, custom-fitted ductwork for a home optimizes how the furnace runs, ensuring it works to heat and cool the whole house rather than working harder than necessary to overcome poor airflow from standard ducts and fittings.

New ductwork also provides an ample opportunity for homeowners to adopt A/C zoning. A/C zoning saves homeowners money by evaluating which rooms and areas get the most use, and redirecting the necessary heating and cooling to those spots. By adjusting the temperature in the most used spots — and deprioritizing other zones that don’t see as much traffic — the HVAC system uses less power overall to provide improved comfort, creating a whole home system that is more energy efficient. Compare this to a system that is trying to maintain a consistent singular temperature for the entire house at one time. 

Being energy efficient at home doesn’t need to break the bank. But investing in upgrades and updates to home appliances and systems provides a return to homeowners via reduced power bills, fewer maintenance issues, and longer lifespans from more efficient fixtures. If you have questions about additional ways to improve your energy efficiency at home, or if you’re interested in installing a new tankless water heater, smart thermostat, or new ductwork, reach out to the HVAC and plumbing service experts at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling. With 30+ years of knowledge and experience, Duane Blanton’s team can guide homeowners on their journey toward reduced energy consumption, and smaller utility monthly bills. Reach out to the technicians at Duane Blanton today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule online through their convenient in-browser online scheduling portal.

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