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Tips to go green for earth day

With Earth Day arriving on the 22nd of April this year, it’s the ideal time to look at how you can further your commitment to the environment and help safeguard our natural resources. Like most personal processes, this begins in the home. And so to guide you on several techniques for going green this Earth Day, we’re offering our expert tips in this post.

Use Low Flow Systems


Low flow technology has evolved considerably in recent years. The newest systems compare favorably with traditional products and yet only use about half the water that traditional toilets and showers consume during use.

When choosing low flow technology, it’s important to work with a specialist who understands your home space, and who can work with you to analyze how best to support your family’s comfort while installing the low flow system.

Reduce the Family’s Carbon Footprint


We know that our carbon footprint signifies our impact on the environment. And so when considering how you interact with local spaces, bring your family together to discuss ways they can reduce their combined footprint.

One option could be to take fewer trips in the car. You might decide as family together to walk to school instead of driving.

Or you might consider ways to reduce your use of fossil fuels in the home, such as using solar energy equipment.

Add a Tankless Water Heater to the Home

When you use your home shower, the water in the system must be stored by your water heater, which then heats the water when you turn the tap on. A tankless water heater is a leading alternative to this inefficient means of hot water production.

The tankless system works by providing you with hot water on demand, directly from the city’s system. Instead of having a large tank in the home for storing water, you have a simple system with a limited footprint. It’s a home addition that can save space and reduce your water consumption by hundreds of gallons per year.

Only by choosing qualified professionals to install your high-efficiency plumbing can you capitalize on the latest industry advances. Our trusted team has decades of experience in the industry, and we’re available around the clock to offer guidance on the latest environmentally-friendly products.

To learn more, call our Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc. team in Round Lake, IL at (815) 781-2567.

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