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Tired of low water pressure in your house follow these tips

Low water pressure is an annoyance to many homeowners. Between not getting enough power to rinse dishes properly to feeling like your shower is a fine mist rather than a good soak, we need good water pressure in our homes to get our chores done right and live comfortably. Luckily, if you’re sick and tired of low water pressure in your house, there are a few things you can do to make it better.

Install a Water Pressure Booster

This may be the most obvious solution. Water Pressure boosters attach to your plumbing and work by letting water pass through an electrical pump and pressure chamber. The pressurized water is then stored in a reserve tank to be ready whenever you need it.

Although this seems like the most effective and efficient solution, water pressure boosters can sometimes be a bit pricey and should only be a last resort after trying other more reasonable options to fix the issue.

Check the Faucets


You may notice low water pressure in one of your faucets and jump to the conclusion that there is something wrong with your water pressure. In reality, many modern faucets experience the same issue that makes it seem there are water pressure issues.

Newer faucets are designed to conserve water and work efficiently. Instead of having one large spout for water to travel through, they consist of many small components that include a grate-like part that goes over the spout and prevents a lot of water from exiting the faucet at once.

These small holes are prone to become clogged with small sediment or other debris. This will manifest, as low water pressure so before you worry about your whole home water pressure situation, make sure you check the faucets for blockages or clogs.

Replace the Regulator

Many homes are outfitted with a regulator that is designed to control the water pressure from your water supplier. In many cases, water directly from the water supplier is actually overly pressurized. A regulator brings the water pressure to a more manageable level. Fixing your water pressure might be as simple as adjusting the regulator or replacing it if it’s worn-out or damaged.

Invest in Professional Pipe Cleaning


Another culprit of low water pressure is clogged pipes and drains. Clogs form over time as hair, grease, food and other debris builds up in the pipe or drain and hardens. These hard-to-remove clogs are a pain for any homeowner.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner which eats away at the clog while also causing damage and weakening the pipes, try professional drain cleaning or hydrojetting. This service blasts away years of debris while leaving your pipes in healthy condition and helping to improve the water pressure in your home.

 For more information on improving the water pressure in your Round Lake, Illinois home, call (815) 781-2567 and speak with the expert team at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc.

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