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Toilet having a hard time flushing try these remedies

The toilet is one of those fixtures you need to work just right, every time it’s used, without issue. Unfortunately, like most things, toilets will run into an occasional hiccup here and there, and need some work to get back on track. A couple of sure signs that something is off is if your toilet has a weak flush, or if the toilet handle has more resistance than usual when you press the lever. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple fixes to set your toilet straight and make your toilet flush stronger.

Rise to the Occasion

A solid first step to repair a toilet flush system is by checking out the water level and float height. Opening up the tank, give the toilet a good flush to observe how the water refills into the toilet tank. With most toilets, once the toilet is flushed, the tank will begin refilling with water supplied through the refill tube and will stop when the large rubber float crosses the fill line in the tank. If the float isn’t reaching the fill line as it should, it will result in a weaker flush. The float height can be adjusted using the arm that connects it to the rest of the fill valve, usually with a simple twist near the top. Once the height is adjusted, this should allow the toilet to fill more, hitting that fill line.

Under Pressure

If adjusting the height of the float doesn’t make the toilet flush easier, it’s also possible that too much tension is being put on the handle. There is generally a chain connecting the lift arm of the handle to the rubber flapper (the large rubber stopper in the bottom of the tank, near the center). If the chain isn’t the correct length, it can create a greater strain on the handle, making it harder to depress, causing the handle to come loose, or even damaging the lift arm. By readjusting the chain length, the pressure on the handle will be more evenly distributed, making the toilet flush easier and more smooth. Ideally, there should only be 0.5” of slack in the chain length for proper flushing.

Additionally, it’s worth checking the connection between the handle and the tank. There is a small nut inside the tank holding the lever in place. Tightening this nut will re-secure the handle, making it easier to flush.

The Run Around

If the toilet flushes, but the water keeps running, this could because for a simple flush mechanism replacement. The rubber flapper mentioned before needs to form a full seal within the tank to complete each toilet flush. If the flapper is misaligned or damaged, and the seal isn’t fully maintained in the tank, water will continue running in the tank, and the tank and bowl will not properly fill. The position of the flapper can be adjusted

using the same chain that sets the pressure on the toilet handle. Alternately, if the flapper needs to be replaced, the piece is generally available at most hardware stores and is easily replaceable.

Of course, if this repair seems like something you’d prefer not to chance, or if there appears to be a more serious issue at play, it’s best to contact a professional for a consultation and potential fix. Rather than let your toilet keep running, or letting a weak flush ruin your day, consider giving the plumbing experts at Duane Blanton Home Services a call at (815) 781-2567. Also available online, the professionals at Duane Blanton are sure to get your toilet back on track and flushing with ease.

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