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What is Involved with an A/C Tune Up?

Now is the time for an A/C tune up. For new homeowners, learning how to care for a home’s A/C system is tricky, trying to navigate the various terminology tied to one of the most important pieces of equipment within a home. But learning how to properly care for an A/C system will ensure it has a long life creating a comfortable home atmosphere. 

A term related to a home’s air conditioner some homeowners may not know — or may have heard, but not fully understood — is “tune-up”. While the term may not be the most technical, it actually describes a very important function that will prove integral to keeping a home’s A/C running smoothly without issue. Tune-ups can be performed at any point throughout the year, but they are best done just before summer hits, as it prepares the A/C for prime cooling season, when the A/C will see much heavier usage for extended periods.  

The Importance of an A/C Tune-Up

An A/C tune-up produces a comprehensive report on the unit’s health, outlining where any issues may lie and how the parts are performing, as well as routine maintenance to keep the system running smoothly. The primary function of an A/C tune-up is identifying minor issues and addressing them before they have the potential to escalate into major concerns that could do real damage to the home’s air conditioner. 

Making a simple fix or part replacement now allows the unit to stay running, and perform on those exceptionally hot or cold days. However, leaving a minor issue without a fix runs the risk of that part breaking down when the furnace or A/C is needed most, making for a very uncomfortable home, and a desperate call for a more costly emergency repair.

What to Expect During a Tune-Up

Completing an A/C tune-up produces a full report on the health of the A/C unit and the system as a whole. Below is a checklist detailing what exactly gets checked during a residential A/C tune-up, and which parts of an A/C homeowners can expect to receive updates about.

A/C Tune-up Checklist:
  • Safety concerns & proper system clearances
  • Refrigerant level
  • Operating pressures
  • Electrical components & performance
  • Air filter inspection & cleaning
  • Compressor performance
  • Indoor condensate drain
  • Monitor full operation
  • Compare all results with manufacturer specifications
  • Ductwork system inspection

In addition to the above checks, a tune-up includes tightening electrical connections, lubricating all moving parts, and checking and straightening fan fins. The maintenance provided during an A/C tune-up is highly comprehensive to ensure that the A/C system can run throughout the cooling season, preventing breakdowns at key moments throughout the dog days of summer and the extended warm days of fall. 

If you are weighing whether a residential A/C tune-up is right for your home, and you have additional questions, or if you’ve already cleared space on your calendar, and you’re ready to schedule, reach out to the certified service experts at Duane Blanton Family Home Services today. We are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer with over 30 years of experience. 

The licensed professionals at Duane Blanton have the expertise and knowledge to provide top-notch service for your home A/C unit. Reach out to the professionals at Duane Blanton Family Home Services via phone at (815) 781-2567, or log on and schedule using their convenient online scheduling portal.  


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