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Everyone has experienced plumbing problems in one form or another. The plumbing system is connected all through the house. Sometimes a problem that looks simple to fix may be a sign of a bigger problem.

You never want to leave a plumbing problem unfixed. Many people try their hand in fixing common plumbing problems, but if they do not possess the right experience and knowledge, they often end up doing more harm than good. Here are three common plumbing problems that will turn into a disaster if they are not done properly.

Replacing A Toilet

A lot of people think that replacing a toilet is easy. However, they often underestimate the complexity and the work that goes into it. For one thing, removing the old toilet is no easy feat. The old bolts may have rusted over time and are difficult to take out. If you remove your toilet incorrectly, you can end up with a mess. A toilet fixture is rather heavy, and it is fragile.

When setting down the new toilet, if you do not hold it the correct way, it can slip from your grip, drop to the floor, and crack. You have to prep the installation area properly. If any connections do not have a snug fit, it will cause your toilet to leak.

Fixing A Leaky Pipe

Perhaps you have identified a section of your pipes that requires fixing because it sprung a leak. Many people incorrectly assume that patching up the leak would be sufficient instead of assessing if the entire pipe has to be replaced.

Even if you do decide to replace the pipe, you may not know how to join the two pipe sections properly. If the new pipe is made from a metal that is different from the old pipe, there are certain techniques in joining them so that the fit will be perfect. Do this wrong, and it will spring a slow leak that can cause a flood over time. If you tighten the connection too much, you can crack the pipe.

Unclogging A Drain

The biggest mistake that many DIY people make is using the wrong tools to unclog a drain. You cannot use a drain snake for all clogs, like a toilet clog. Using the wrong tool can cause damage to your pipes. Different drains require different size tools. If you cannot unclog a drain with a plunger, you should leave it to the professionals.

Round Lake DIY Disaster

You should never underestimate a plumbing problem that you see in your house.

If your basic plumbing fixes do not work, contact a professional. You will save yourself from potentially causing a bigger and more expensive problem.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 for service in the Round Lake area! 

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