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Why HVAC zones are great for your wallet

Achieving the precise level of desired comfort within a home can be tricky. For some, it can feel downright impossible. Whether it’s a furnished basement that somehow always feels cold, a few rooms upstairs that never seem to drop below sweltering, or a living room that just doesn’t feel right, in many cases, it can feel like the standard A/C setup is falling short. One major alternative for homeowners to consider would be installing a zoned A/C system to replace the traditional HVAC setup. A zoned A/C isolates separate areas within a home and allows a homeowner to adjust the individual temperature within each section, putting precise comfort control back in the hands of homeowners, and saving money at the same time.

Control Where and When The Temperature Changes

With a temperature zoning system, homeowners can choose where the zones are placed within their home, putting the homeowner in control of how the temperature is set room by room. For instance, if each bedroom in a home is designated as a separate zone, this would allow each bedroom’s climate to be independently controlled, so if one bedroom feels like it receives the bulk of the cold air during summer, now, that A/C stream can be re-directed to provide more equal cooling. 

A/C zoning can end up saving homeowner’s money by evaluating which rooms or zones get the most use, and redirecting the necessary heating and cooling to those spots. By focusing the system to only adjust the temperature in specific spots, while avoiding other zones that don’t see as much traffic, the HVAC system uses less power overall to provide improved comfort, versus trying to maintain a consistent singular temperature to the entire house at one time.  

More Control with More Efficient Equipment

Choosing to install A/C zones could also mean upgrading a home’s A/C unit to a smaller, more energy-efficient variety, creating additional savings. Because the temperature control is more focused and requires less energy when zoned rooms aren’t being utilized, a smaller unit would be able to provide an equal amount of necessary power to maintain comfort. Properly utilizing zoning also reduces the overall wear and tear on an HVAC system, by reducing the overall amount of time the system needs to run, allowing the system to be more easily maintained, extending its life, and reducing the potential for costly breakdowns or repairs. 

The efficiency created by a zoned A/C system is increased even further when paired with a programmable zone controller that can adjust each zone’s thermostat automatically. With the additional level of control, potentially able to be linked to smartphones and home computers for added convenience, the home’s HVAC system can be directed to automatically turn on, off, or adjust temperatures at times when the home is less occupied, or while residents are asleep, meaning the system can save money even when a homeowner isn’t around. 

If you’re considering installing a temperature zoning HVAC system in your home, or have questions about how it could benefit your home’s setup versus your current system, consider reaching out to the licensed professionals at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. With over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Duane Blanton will be able to steer you in the right direction toward the exact level of comfort you seek in your home. Call the HVAC experts at Duane Blanton Family Home Services today, at (815) 781-2567, or setup an appointment through their online scheduling portal from the convenience of your mobile browser or laptop.  

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