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With winter around the corner inspecting your commercial furnace is important for business

Winter is a harsh season, and it can be particularly challenging for a business’s HVAC system. As the temperature plummets, the need to have a working furnace in good condition becomes paramount for a business to keep their clients, employees, and occupants comfortable, and to ensure the business continues running smoothly. While scheduling an annual furnace inspection may not be at the top of the priority list for every business, it’s one appointment that shouldn’t be forgotten, as losing heating could end up losing precious days, which becomes particularly stressful during the already hectic holiday season.

The Difference Early Maintenance Can Make

Completing an annual furnace inspection during the fall, before the cold truly starts to set in, is a proactive way to help protect any business. Much like having an annual inspection done on a home’s HVAC system, a commercial furnace will endure a heightened workload during the winter, keeping up with the exacting demands of the colder outdoor temperatures to maintain a consistently comfortable level of heat indoors. By having maintenance completed early, during the autumnal months, a business owner is able to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems that could slow down business, drive away customers, or potentially damage temperature-sensitive products and equipment. 

Early maintenance also locks in energy-efficient savings and extends the lifetime of a business’s HVAC system. When technicians are able to replace lightly worn parts before they break down, they are preventing the furnace from running with unnecessary wear and tear, allowing the system to be able to run more smoothly without needing to draw extra power to compensate for internal mechanical failures. This also maintains the furnace’s projected service lifetime, providing savings and postponing the need for an early, costly equipment replacement. 

What Gets Checked During a Maintenance Inspection?

The furnace receives a detailed inspection from the technicians, focusing on every connection, vent, and moving part to ensure that it is properly functioning and sealed. The heat exchanger is checked to ensure that there are no leaks or potential for carbon dioxide to move back through the system. 

Additionally, an inspection will look at the following items:

  • A thorough inspection for cracks in the heating system
  • The thermostat controls, to ensure proper temperature settings are maintained
  • Inspect the blowers and hoses, and remove blockages
  • Check for any odd sounds 
  • Clean air vents and monitor the airflow   
  • Clean and/or replace air filters, to eliminate dust and debris circulation
  • Make sure burners light and burn cleanly
  • Tightening and cleaning electrical connections
  • Measuring and gauging pressure

A commercial furnace, while imposing, is a surprisingly delicate system internally that requires proper care, cleaning, and consideration to continue running at peak efficiency. To keep your business comfortable through the winter months, and ensure the furnace in your business is maintained properly, reach out to the HVAC experts at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. With over 30 years of experience, the licensed technicians at Duane Blanton have the knowledge and skill to keep your business’s furnace running without issue. Call Duane Blanton Family Services today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule an appointment online using their convenient online scheduling portal.


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