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World Water Day is Here to Celebrate on March 22nd


Did you know that March 22 is World Water Day? Created in response to the water crisis currently gripping the world, the UN General Assembly declared that we would celebrate World Water Day every year since starting in 1993.

The day is aimed to raise awareness and teach people about what they can do to conserve water and reduce waste.

What Crisis?

In The United States, we are lucky enough to enjoy clean water whenever we need it. Whether we’re turning on the tap to run a nice, hot bath or filling up a pot to make your family’s favorite pasta dish. Many people in the world do not have this luxury.

In fact, over 663 million people do not have access to clean water near their homes. For these people, getting clean water requires walking long distances and waiting for hours in a lineup to receive a jug. Many Americans simply cannot imagine this life. This is a crisis that needs our attention now. Poverty-stricken areas need water to live, the same way we need water to drink, clean, and bathe with.


This Year’s Theme: Wastewater

Wastewater refers to water that is wasted in our homes and cities. We constantly have wastewater flowing out of our properties and, in many cases; this wastewater is also a wasted opportunity. The wastewater is often not properly treated, which leads to pollution and illness when the water flows back into nature.

UN-Water outlined each theme in 2015 as part of their effort to ensure clean water for all by 2030. Each theme is also part of a Sustainable Development Goal. This year’s theme of wastewater is also an opportunity to reach the goal of halving the wastewater produced each year. To reach this goal, we must develop better treatment methods and better ways to reuse wastewater.

How Can One Person Help?

With such a large goal, it’s easy to feel like your efforts toward water conservation will go unnoticed and won’t help the grand scheme of things. However, if we all took a few moments each day to be better at conserving water, we would make a huge difference. Here are a few ideas to get started with water conservation:


  • Turn off your tap when you brush your teeth or wash your hands.
  • Take baths instead of showers.
  • If you do take a shower, place a bucket under the showerhead to collect the water as you wait for the shower to heat up. You can use this extra water for your garden or even flush the toilet.
  • Install a water-conserving or dual-flush toilet. You will also save money on your water bill.
  • Repair all leaking pipes or faucets in a timely manner to reduce waste.
  • Collect rainwater in a basin for watering your garden or flowerbed.
  • Install a Greywater reuse system if your area approves it.

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