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Your bathroom needs a makeover

Round Lake Plumber

Only kitchen style has changed more than bathroom styles in recent decades. New materials, new fixtures, and new colors combine to make bathing a decadent luxury. If you’re updating your bath, a little homework is in order, and the Internet is a good place to begin. Consider balance and convenience when choosing the style you want in your bathroom and be sure it blends well with the décor of the rest of the house.

Saving Space

1. A great, if no longer new, idea for our two-earner world is a dual-sink vanity, which also, happily, provides storage and dual mirrors for both of you. Choose durable, eco-friendly countertops that enhance appearance and complement many color choices.

2. If your master bath isn’t generous, consider turning the entire room into a shower. Choose cabinets and fixtures that are immune to water, install interior plumbing on one side of the room, and cover the walls, ceiling and floors with the same tile. Install shower fixtures, toilet and waterproof cabinet. Place toilet paper & towel fixtures out of reach of the shower. Install a tub anyway, if you like.

3. Pocket doors are a good alternative when space is at a premium and contribute to an open, airy feeling.

4. Chest-high shower heads are a nuisance. Consider, especially if you are tall, setting shower heads on the ceiling, with faucet handles at chest height instead.

Conserving Energy

5. Solatubes, tubular skylights, are an eco-friendly choice providing adequate light during daylight hours, backed up by electric lights at night.

6. Pedestal sinks are not new, but increasing in popularity, if you want to minimize their footprint.

Finishing Touches

7. Color is a valuable tool for improving style, blending with other décor, and creating balance. Be creative. Glass tile backsplashes add color and washability.

8. Fixtures can hark back to an earlier era or bridge present and future. Best of all, good ones are durable.

9. Lighting is almost as important as plumbing. Choose lights to enhance your style choices. Place outlets in convenient locations.

Round Lake Bathroom Remodeling

10. If you have exterior walls, windows can impart style of their own. One-way glass with a garden view is a beautiful addition over a tub. Windows placed high need no curtains and can be beautiful.

When your bathroom is finished, you should be able to relax in a soothing bath and enjoy your surroundings.

Let our team help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (815) 781-2567 for exceptional service in the Round Lake area. 

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