Granite Counters and Sink Installation

Any homeowners in Round Lake, IL who are thinking about upgrading their kitchen with a new stone countertop and sink must first understand the nature of such a renovation project. Granite can be both an expensive and delicate material to work with regarding kitchen product installations. There’s only one chance to get things right and create a seamless fit with your kitchen plumbing elements. Following the right steps and finding the right company to help you with the job is crucial.

If you’re seeking advice on how best to approach this task, we’re here to help. Here are some tips about granite countertops and sink installations.

Make Sure Countertop Measurements Are Correct

“rightmeasurement”The most important part of this installation process is ensuring you have the correct measurements before cutting into the granite. If they’re wrong, you may have to begin the process again, which will hit your wallet hard and eat up a lot of your time. The size of the cuts made will depend on the kind of sink you purchase.

If you choose an undermount sink, the hole will need to be the exact size of the sink. But if it’s a top-mounting sink you buy, which has a rim that rests on the countertop, the hole will be smaller. Also, keep in mind that if the sink doesn’t come with holes for taps you will need to fit these, too. The measurements you take must be accurate if you plan for a successful kitchen plumbing project.

Get a Sink That’s Right for Your Kitchen

“matchingsink”When you’re out buying a new sink, make sure you’re looking for one that will fit in the amount of space you have and serve its full purpose. Granite countertops can only accommodate so many dimensions for sinks. Larger sinks can make cutting more difficult.

Meanwhile, a small sink might not be able to keep-up with your kitchen needs. Additional space for separate faucets must also be considered. There will be plenty of kitchen plumbing options available to you at local hardware stores, so focus on getting a sink with the right dimensions.

Call up a Plumber to Assist You

“callaplumber”It’s always in every homeowner’s best interest to get in touch with a professional to help with granite countertop and sink installation. This job necessitates special tools, which are unlikely to be accessible or readily available to homeowners.

Doing the job by yourself with inferior tools can be hazardous. Hiring a kitchen plumbing specialist means you can breathe easy knowing they have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. They may even offer you a guarantee to replace your countertop if any issues arise during the project. It’s the safest way to upgrade your kitchen.

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