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Common ac repair mistakes and how to avoid them with simple steps

HVAC technician standing next to outdoor AC unit discuss options with the homeowner DIY repairs can be a tempting option for many homeowners. The idea of skipping the steps to schedule a visit and have a technician come out to perform maintenance can seem like a hassle. And for some, sourcing the parts and attempting an at-home repair could seem like an exciting home project.

But as simple as some A/C maintenance projects can seem, there are other aspects of HVAC repair that can quickly get out hand when performed by home hobbyists instead of licensed and trained technicians. Home DIYers attempting A/C repairs can quickly get in over their heads, and potentially cause irreversible damage to their HVAC system — or worse, putting themselves and other home occupants in harms way. It’s always best to consult a professional for HVAC services, but if there’s a particular A/C repair that a homeowner wants to attempt, these are the common mistakes to keep in mind, and the best ways to avoid them before getting into trouble.

Avoid the Delicate Details

Small tasks, such as changing or cleaning the furnace filter, or swapping out the batteries in the thermostat, can be done easily enough by homeowners with enough research and practice. But there are other projects that seem easy enough at first glance, but are actually much more delicate and complex to complete. 

One such task is cleaning out the condenser coils in the outside A/C unit. These coils can become blocked by building up dirt, grime, and dust over time. And while homeowners may figure out how to access the coils to be able to clean them, the actual cleaning also requires a precise, expert touch — otherwise, homeowners could easily damage the coils, causing long term damage and requiring replacement much sooner than necessary.

Another seemingly simple task is cleaning out a home’s air ducts. Unlike vent registers, accessing and cleaning the air ducts requires more than just a trusty vacuum and heavy-duty duster. The work typically requires wearing specialized respirators and special equipment to move through the ducts as they are thoroughly cleaned out. Without these items, homeowners can end up inhaling a lot of thick dust, as well as potentially damaging their ducts in the process.

Use the Right Tools and Parts – Don’t Improvise or Rig Solutions

Patching up any part of a home’s HVAC system with anything other than the correct replacement parts is asking for a problem. While duct tape and super glue are commonly regarded as items that can potentially fix any problem, they’re best avoided for A/C issues. When homeowners encounter issues like air leaks or cracks in their ducts, they should consult with professionals to diagnose the issue and replace the affected areas with high quality replacement parts.

Leave Handling Chemicals and Substances to the Professionals

A major component of A/C units is refrigerant, a chemical compound used by the A/C to cool the air that is drawn into the unit from the outside. And while it has an inviting, bright blue or green hue, it is not a substance that homeowner should treat lightly. Refrigerants are restricted substances per EPA guidelines, only able to be purchased by technicians with the proper licensing to handle, store, dispose of, and install refrigerant substances. Because of how potentially dangerous refrigerant is, homeowners should always reach out to an HVAC professional if they have concerns that their A/C unit is “running low” on refrigerant, or if the unit has a noticeable leak.

Completing projects around the house can provide homeowners with a sense of accomplishment, especially when those projects branch outside of the usual household chores and duties. But it’s important for homeowners to acknowledge their own limitations, and understand that there are certain jobs and projects best to left to professionals to ensure the equipment and systems within a home continue running safely, securely, and conveniently without incident. 

Home A/C and HVAC systems fall into that category, presenting a number of challenging issues and fixes best left to experienced technicians to tackle. If you have questions about a specific issue related to your home’s A/C, or if you’re trying a DIY fix and need assistance, reach out to the HVAC technicians at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling. With over 30+ years of hands-on experience, the team at Duane Blanton has the knowledge to help homeowners with any A/C fix, providing solutions that work with your specific system and your specific budget. Reach out today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule an appointment online using Duane Blanton’s convenient online scheduling tool right from your browser!

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