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Get a plumbing inspection before you sign for a new home

Don’t Make a Common Mistake

Whether you’re getting ready to sign closing documents or are still only contemplating the purchase of a new home, chances are you’re very excited. Soon, you’ll be able to hold the keys to your future and walk into a home you can call your own.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll no longer have a landlord to call when the going gets tough, and maintenance issues around the home will have to be addressed by you. Before you move any further, it’s crucial that you get a plumbing inspection before making the transaction.

Check Water Heater


While we often overlook its importance, we rely on our water heaters on a daily basis. From hot showers to cooking, washing dishes, and so much more, it can be a serious inconvenience when you lose this appliance. During a professional plumbing inspection, this will be one of the first things analyzed. Some of the things that are looked for during this process include:

  • Problems with the cold water supply valve
  • Temperature/pressure relief valve inspection
  • Potential issues with the gas line shut off
  • Drain valve functionality

You can get an idea if there are immediate issues with the water heater on your own. For starters, if the unit makes cracking or popping noises, it’s a sure sign the unit will soon need to be replaced. You can also inquire as to the age of the unit as they typically last around 15 to 20 years.

Make Sure the Toilet Works

Not all that long ago, people had to rely on the outhouse to use the restroom. Today, we can take care of our hygiene and other personal matters in the comfort of our homes, and it’s easy to take this convenience for granted. However, when your toilet stops working, you’ll quickly develop a whole new appreciation for your bathroom.

During the inspection, you can also discover if there are mechanical issues with the toilets and have them addressed before you decide to go through with the purchase. Some common issues new homeowners run into include:

  • Weak flusher
  • Strong but partial flush
  • Phantom flush
  • Dropping bowl water levels
  • Whistling noise as tank fills
  • Tank slow to fill
  • Slow flush
  • Gurgling noises in sinks and bathtub upon flushing

Some of these issues are easy to fix, and you could attempt the repairs on your own. However, other jobs can become quite extensive, and it’s best to leave them up to the professionals.

Check for Discolored Water

The color of your water can give you a clue as to various problems with the plumbing inside the home you’re considering purchasing. It’s very important that you run the water before signing closing documents to ensure it runs clear. Some of the common discolorations and symptoms behind them include:


  • Yellow, red, or orange– This is a good sign that there’s rust in the system, and this could be indicative of a number of problems including a bad water heater, the city’s water main, or the pipes in the home.
  • Green or blue– This is an indication that there may be something wrong with the brass or copper fittings and requires immediate attention as large amounts of copper in the water can cause gastrointestinal, kidney, and/or liver issues.
  • Black – Black water often means you have mold, and you should seek professional services to get to the bottom of the matter.
  • Pink – This usually means you have an organism growing in your water supply. While it’s typically not a health hazard, a plumber can help you remedy it.

Check the Dishwasher

Many of us have come to rely on the use of a dishwasher. Aside from the obvious conveniences they have to offer, they also can save money and help you reduce your water usage. To ensure the one in the home you’re considering purchasing is properly functioning, the following components should be thoroughly inspected:

  • Dishes should be dry when the cycle is finished.
  • Dishes should be clean upon the completion of the cycle.
  • Filters should be clean and clear of food residue.
  • Glassware should not leave the cycle appearing cloudy.
  • Plates should not have a faded pattern after being washed.
  • The dishwasher should drain with ease.
  • Offensive odors should not emanate from the machine during use.

Check Walls and Ceilings for Stains

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. A plumbing leak means you’ll need to go through an extensive and painstaking process that involves tearing out floors and so much more. The problem can become even worse if it occurs in upstairs areas where lower level ceilings are impacted.

It’s simple to walk through the home and inspect for this type of issue. Be on the lookout for unusual staining on the walls or ceilings. If a problem exists, you may also notice a musty smell. Aside from the structural damage, you also run the risk of the development of harmful fungus and spores that could put the health of you and the ones you love at risk.

Quality Service When It Counts

The process of acquiring a new home is an extensive one, and there’s much to be done. From termite inspections to roof repairs and more, there’s certainly many things to take into consideration.


Make sure a plumbing inspection doesn’t fall through the cracks. These problems can be easy to overlook until they exacerbate into serious issues that can cost you lots of time and money.

For a top-notch plumbing inspection of your future Round Lake, IL home, call Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc. at (815) 781-2567, we will be glad to assist you!

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