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High pressure drain cleaning can increase the longevity of your sewer line

Homeowners will know if an issue exists within a home’s sewer line — drain backups, bad smells, and unusual sounds, just to name a few — and these warning signs are not to be ignored. When something is amiss with the sewer line, it’s one of those times that an issue needs to be addressed immediately, as the fallout could be both costly and detrimental to a home.

Usually, in a situation with a massive clog and backed-up water, homeowners turn to off-the-shelf solutions, like chemical cleaners, to clear up the blockage. While these bottled solvents provide relief in the short-term, they can also cause future headaches, as they break down sewer lines with exposure to their harsh chemical mixtures. Fortunately, there is an alternative method for clearing and cleaning a sewer line that will leave it in better shape and still help prevent future clogs — high-pressure drain cleaning, or hydro jetting.

A high-pressure drain cleaning ends up being a safer solution, as the system only needs the two pieces to clean the pipes — water, and pressure. Using a highly-pressurized pump and a flexible hose line with specialty nozzles, water is blasted into pipes to blast off and through detritus and debris, like mineral buildup, congealed fat, and tree roots. Because the process is so intense, it can be easy for an untrained homeowner to slip up and accidentally cause a larger issue than what existed before, so this is one process that should always be conducted by a professional.

Before setting up the hydro jet and blasting through blockages, a professional plumbing expert will conduct a thorough inspection to diagnosis the exact cause of a sewer

Duane Blanton Family Home Services

line issue. This helps pinpoint where the high pressured drain cleaning system should be focused, and where the system should be placed. Because wastewater systems work with gravity to help ease waste out of a home, it makes sense for plumbing experts to work inversely to this, starting downstream and hydro jetting up, to make sure the cleaned and removed buildup and gunk follow the wastewater flow back down through the pipes and away from the home.

As the jet works through the clog in the sewer line, it also cleans the line and smooths the surface. This is an added bonus, as porous areas of pipe are the perfect breeding ground for clogs, catching and holding things like hair, fat deposits, and dirt. Utilizing just regular water means the process is also ecologically friendly, and won’t negatively impact the environment with undue additives and chemicals.

If the signs of a major sewer line issue are cropping up, don’t rush out and buy a bottled chemical solution. Treating a sewer line right the first time will help it maintain and last, so consider reaching out to a professional to conduct a thorough plumbing investigation and perform a high-pressure drain cleaning instead. If you’re in need of an inspection or sewer line cleaning, or if you just have questions about the process, reach out to the licensed professionals at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. With over 30 years of professional plumbing expertise, the technicians at Duane Blanton know what they’re talking about, and would love to help you out with any plumbing issue you may have. Give them a call today at (815) 781-2567, or schedule using their online scheduling portal from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device.

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