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Watch your water bill plummet with new fixtures

Low Flow Faucets

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When our customers begin to complain to us about their high water bills, we suggest replacing plumbing fixtures with low flow models. An easy place to begin the process of reducing water consumption is at bathroom and kitchen sinks with the addition of an aerator on a faucet.

Customers can choose to place an aerator on the tips of faucets instead of changing the entire fixture to reduce the flow of water. These devices simply screw onto the tip of the faucet in about five minutes. It is also possible to replace an entire faucet with a low flow model that may have extra features and designs that our customers desire. Choosing the right aerator or faucet can reduce water consumption up to nearly 80 percent.

Low Flow Toilets

Our plumbers know toilets in a home or business are one of the major reasons that water bills are too expensive. To save money, it is easy to install a low flow toilet in every bathroom. Modern low flow toilets are made in basic or decorative styles and colors to create an attractive room.

An old-fashioned toilet uses an average of over 3 gallons of water per flush while low flow toilets use less than 2 gallons, a significant difference that will save money each month. It doesn’t matter if a toilet is located in a commercial or residential property, choosing a low flow product is the best idea. Our customers who installed the first models of low flow toilets can also benefit from replacing the devices with new models.

Low Flow Shower Heads

Round Lake Fixture Installation Services

Showers are a convenient way to get clean quickly but use a lot of water with a regular shower head. Newer designs of shower heads are made to eject water at a slower rate to reduce consumption of both hot and cold water. In many cases, our customers notice a 50 percent reduction in the amount of water used during showers in a home.

Changing a shower head requires only a few minutes but leads to huge savings each month for the cost of water. There are many styles of shower heads to choose from, including basic models that cost approximately $10.00 or decorative designs that cost $70.00. Customers can also select low flow shower heads that have hoses that permit removing the device from the wall to assist with rinsing a child’s hair or pet’s fur.

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