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Are you caught in a repiping issue

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The plumbing system in your house is designed to last many years, and it usually does last for a long time. However, eventually old plumbing pipes begin to rust and leak. When this happens, it’s time to think about repiping your house. Unfortunately, most people have very little experience on the subject of repiping a house. Many people wonder when they should have the job done and how long it will take. A professional plumber can answers the questions commonly asked by homeowners concerning re-piping a house. We can help with our repiping services.

How Do I Know If I Need to Repipe My Home?

One of the most common questions asked is when do I need to repipe my house? Generally, you need to repipe your house when there is a problem such as rusted or leaking pipes. There are several signs that your pipes are rusted including discolored water. Old galvanized water pipes rust over time and this sediment results in red, yellow or brown colored water coming out of your water faucets. The rust in galvanized pipes can also cause the pipes to leak. Also, the chemicals in your water will also cause copper pipes to deteriorate and leak. You should repipe your house whenever the old pipes are rusted or leaking to avoid the costly property damage than can be caused by leaking water.

How Long Will It Take? 


The length of time needed to repipe a house depends upon the size and scope of the repiping project and the type of piping that is being installed. Surprisingly, many homes can be repiped in as little as one day when the old pipes are replaced with the new flexible PEX style plumbing lines. The PEX piping is much faster and easier to install than the old style galvanized or copper water lines. This makes PEX water lines cheaper to install because of the reduced labor costs. It will take longer to repipe your house if you are using new copper pipes to replace your old pipes because of the labor involved.

Why Shouldn’t My Regular Plumber Do the Job?

Your licensed plumber is the right person to handle a job as big as repiping a house. Typically, your regular plumber is good at doing small to medium sized jobs but lacks the resources to repipe a house in an efficient manner. A plumbing contractor that specializes in repiping houses has the manpower, tools and equipment to get the job done fast and at an affordable price.

Want to repipe your Round Lake home? Call Duane Blanton at (815) 781-2567 today and get the job done with our services!

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