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How To Prevent Mold From Growing in Your HVAC System

Woman taking in a deep breath sitting next to an air purifier on the floor in a bright living room with light wood floors and hanging green plant in background. Growing mold or mildew in your home’s HVAC system isn’t just an annoyance; it’s a health hazard. Mold poses serious health risks, especially to those with preexisting conditions such as respiratory issues, asthma, or allergies.

It doesn’t just pose a risk to your health but also to your entire HVAC system. It damages your unit’s components and leads to poor system efficiency and a severe reduction in air quality. Let’s review some key best practices for preventing mold in your Round Lake home.

Signs You Have Mold or Mildew in Your HVAC System

In learning how to prevent mold growth, it’s important to recognize the signs that it exists in the first place. Look out for:

  • Foul or musty odor
  • Increased allergy symptoms
  • Noticeable mold patches — these can be black, green, or fuzzy
  • Visible water leaks in or around your HVAC system
  • Asthma flare-ups

Dangers of Mold in Your HVAC Units

Mold is detrimental to your health, especially if you have a preexisting condition. Even without a preexisting condition, mold can lead to bigger problems over time. Ensuring the best air quality in your home is extremely important in protecting your health.

Mold is also a detriment to your HVAC system itself. It will lead to poor system efficiency, which can require repairs for your HVAC. Mold doesn’t just threaten your health; it can lead to increased expenses over time.  

Best Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in Your AC

Now that you know the signs, let’s talk about how to prevent them.

  • Routine maintenance: Keep up with your system year-round. Hire an HVAC professional in Round Lake for comprehensive visual inspections, component examinations, system checks, and more to make sure your unit runs optimally.
  • Monitor air filters: Your filter should be cleaned or replaced every 60 days. Modern filters also come with advanced particle absorbers to catch harmful air particles. Monitoring your air filter will help improve airflow in your home.
  • Install air purifiers & UV light cleaners: Stand-alone air purifiers help filter more particles out of the air and boost air quality in a single room, but for homeowners concerned with their entire system, there are more advanced setups that are installed directly into a home’s HVAC system, providing air purification to the whole home.
  • Reduce humidity: Attached to the HVAC system, the integrated dehumidifier allows homeowners to more precisely control their home’s humidity, preventing moist, mold-friendly environments from forming inside the ducts.  

Schedule HVAC Service in Round Lake, IL

When you’re looking for fast HVAC services in Round Lake, Illinois, rely on the licensed and certified technicians at Duane Blanton Plumbing Sewer Heating & Cooling.

Our family-operated business is proud to call Round Lake our home. We’ve been dedicated to providing unmatched solutions for home plumbing, sewer, heating, and AC units in the surrounding areas since 1988.

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