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How to pick the right commercial HVAC contractor for your maintenance

For a business owner, maintaining the systems that keep the business open is imperative. Because of this, it’s especially important that those systems — the internet connection, the electricity, the plumbing, and the HVAC — receive the best quality service that can be found. Vetting the right service provider for each of these areas can be tricky, though, as they are all such highly specialized fields, and no business owner is an absolute expert in all trades. So, if trying to pick the perfect HVAC specialist is becoming a bit overwhelming, it’s understandable. Luckily, keeping these tips in mind will help alleviate some of that pressure, and help guide business owners in the right direction to pick their perfect HVAC contractor. 

Licensing and Knowledge

Above all else, a commercial HVAC contractor needs to hold the proper licensing to be able to install and maintain commercial HVAC equipment, as this provides the base level of assurance in their knowledge to work on said equipment. Proof of licensing and insurance are two documents that any reputable HVAC contractor is happily willing to show. Establishing knowledgeability above and beyond licensing in commercial HVAC installation and maintenance is also key, which can be verified through customer reviews and testimonials, and research on how long the contractor has been in business in good standing.  

References and Referrals

Most contractors will be able to provide professional references upon request, should they not be able to be found directly on their website. Additionally, it can help to check with other businesses in the area that are trusted, as they can provide referrals to HVAC contractors that they have used and continue to use. Make sure to ask questions about whether jobs were completed on time, on budget, with good communication, and with quality equipment and materials. 

Technology and Efficiency

Good HVAC contractors will be up to date on the latest equipment updates and technological advances in the industry and be willing to discuss these options for installation. Furthermore, quality contractors will know the importance of making sure their clients are using equipment best suited to their business needs. For instance, if a business owner supplies specialty foods or pharmaceuticals, they will need a system with more precise, specialized temperature control settings than an average office or retail space. Additionally, ensure that the contractor respects energy efficiency, as this will play a part in the equipment they recommend, and could positively affect a business’s energy bill.  

Rebates and Offers

Much like getting the most advanced system within the budget, it’s important to see if the contractor provides any additional rebates or offers. For example, can they provide a service plan in addition to equipment installation, or do they partner with well-known brands that offer potential rebates for their new equipment? These are questions that never hurt to ask, and could end up providing significant savings for a system that businesses rely upon.

If you are in the market for a commercial HVAC contractor known for their quality of service, knowledgeability, top-of-the-line equipment, and budget-minded expertise, look no further than Duane Blanton Family Home Services. With over 30 years of providing HVAC services, the licensed professionals at Duane Blanton have the experience and reliability to provide quality HVAC solutions to businesses around the Lake and McHenry County areas. Give the experts at Duane Blanton Family Home Services a call today, at (815) 781-2567, or schedule an appointment online through their convenient online scheduling portal.


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