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The benefits of proactive drain cleaning

Many common household chores — cleaning out the gutters, scrubbing down the shower or bathtub, dusting surfaces and vents are done to reduce the possibility of larger issues arising that could have been avoided. However, regular chore rotations generally overlook one major area that could use a regular cleaning: the household drains. While easily overlooked, being proactive by working light preventative drain maintenance techniques and activities into the household cleaning schedule pays off for homeowners in the short and long term, in some surprising and not-so-surprising ways.

Eliminate Funky Odors

When a weird scent starts to linger around the house, it becomes an immediate nuisance that seems to permeate the entire space. What’s worse, the longer a scent sticks around, the easier it is to become used to it, but the more pronounced it becomes to visitors and guests. A common source of unpleasant odor is a clogged or blocked drain, either from the standing water sitting behind the blockage, from the source of the blockage itself, or a combination of the two. To help prevent weird smells from the kitchen sink, get into the habit of running hot water down the sink for about a minute after washing the dishes, and pour a couple of tablespoons of baking soda down the drain about once a week. The running water will help move loose debris through the pipes, and the baking soda will help neutralize any particularly odorous substances still lingering about.

Reduce Wear and Tear

When a drain is left uncleaned for a longer period of the time, it not only runs the risk of outright becoming blocked, but it also places greater strains on the pipe fixtures over time. The build-up of substances in the drain isolates an increased flow of water in certain spots within the pipes, eroding the pipes unevenly. As substances continue to build-up, the pressure within the pipes also increases, leading to a higher chance that a pipe will fail and burst. Proactive drain cleaning and maintenance will help maintain the integrity of the pipes and reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure at an inopportune time.

Save Money

Speaking of catastrophic failure, once a blocked pipe starts to leak, or a drain starts to overflow, the costs start rising as high as the water. Much like the advice to clean while cooking, to avoid dealing with the huge mess of dishes after the meal is prepared, cleaning household drains regularly over time reduces the chances of a massive issue springing up that will require both a

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considerable amount of time and money to fix. That said, while the best bet to get ahead of drain issues and leaks is to keep a clean drain, it is also imperative that regular maintenance checks are scheduled with professionals annually. With a greater knowledge of the inner workings of the sink, and with more tools at their disposal, a professional plumber will be more likely to diagnose issues before they spin out of control, and can offer additional advice on how to maintain a drain in good working order without the need for regular bouts of’ intensive labor and repairs.

Going over the importance of keeping a clean drain is important, but it doesn’t necessarily cover how to go about doing so. Luckily, we have several other blogs covering those topics, but if there are still lingering questions on the best way to approach everyday drain cleaning, consider reaching out to the experts at Duane Blanton Plumbing directly, by either calling them at (815) 781-2567 or scheduling online through their scheduling portal. The certified professionals at Duane Blanton will be able to provide answers and advice for any plumbing question that comes their way. And don’t forget, maintain those drains with an annual maintenance check-up!

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