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Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet

clogged toilet can be a huge problem for anyone. Worse still, is not knowing what the problem is. According to many plumbers, here is a list of the top 10 reasons that promote toilet clogs. Most problems are avoidable by using a little common sense and thinking before you flush.

1. The most obvious reason that toilets clog is from human waste. Depending on the efficiency of a toilet, many pieces of waste just cannot be sucked down the drain opening with ease.

2. Feminine napkins and tampons are notorious for becoming jammed inside of a toilet drain. Be respectful and discard of in designated containers or nearby trash receptacles.

3. Toilet paper may be marked as biodegradable, but only when used in moderation. It takes time for toilet paper to break down and big wads can plug up a toilet.

4. Moist towelettes or baby wipes are a common toilet stopper that few people realize. Unless specifically noted on the package, towelettes are not designed to flush down a toilet.

5. Make-up items are too often stored near a commode and accidentally knocked into a toilet bowl. Eyebrow pencils, powder compacts, and mascara can roll into a toilet bowl when kept too close to the toilet.

6. Children’s small toys are too often discovered as the culprit for clogged toilets. The swirling action of the water as it leaves the bowl is a fascination to many small tots.

7. Most jewelry is made from metal and does not travel well down a toilet. If you have lost an earring or necklace, think of whether or not you have visited the toilet lately.

8. Electronic equipment, such as cell phones, have been found buried in toilet drains. Although they are made smaller all the time, seldom are they whisked away to a recycling tank.

9. Paper towels may be a substitute for scratchy toilet paper, but not for flushing. Most are not toilet friendly and will soon need to be removed.

10. Cleaning out your purse or wallet may sound like a good idea while doing your business, but do not depend on the toilet to get rid of notes and old credit cards.

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