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When would a homeowner need pipelining services

There are home services that need to be completed regularly for straight-forward reasons — like cleaning the gutters every other week, or replacing furnace filters every three months — and others that can be done annually, for maintenance — like a furnace inspection or sewer pipe cleaning. Still, there are some home services where it’s difficult to determine when they would be necessary, and how often. Whether because homeowners have never encountered the term, or because it leaves a lot to the imagination, it’s tricky to try to figure out when “pipelining” would be useful based solely on the word itself. As it happens, pipelining is an incredibly useful, and particularly convenient, service that homeowners should know about.

What is Pipelining

Pipelining, or pipelining, is a process where a lining is inserted via a small access opening, to reinforce and protect an underground pipe. Before the lining takes place, the pipe is thoroughly cleaned using a high-pressure cleaning system — also called “hydro jetting” — to make sure the area is cleared of anything before the lining is placed. Once the lining is inserted, it’s expanded using air or water, and sealed to the old pipe with epoxy or other strong adhesive resin.

Reinforcing an underground pipe using a pipelining process ends up being a much more cost-effective option for repairing underground pipes versus alternatives, like replacing the affected pipe by trenching. This is largely due to the fact that pipelining requires much less equipment and labor than the standard trenching and pipe replacing methods. Additionally, the process of pipelining takes much less time, meaning less time spent with workers in the yard or outside of a home, and more time spent enjoying running water without any leaks inside.

When to Use Pipelining

Pipelining is generally employed when there is a blockage in the underground pipes connected to a home caused by a breach, such as tree roots breaking through and stopping up the water. Additionally, pipelining can close up cracks and leaks in underground pipes from wear and tear, or old age. In essence, pipelining is an effective solution for any issues where the alternative is digging up and replacing a pipe, so long as there is enough stable pipe available to be reinforced by the lining. Occasionally, pipelining is employed when new pipes are installed on a property, to provide an extra barrier of protection from the get-go, without any signs of issues beforehand.

Overall, pipelining helps provide peace of mind, as the additional layer of security between a functioning pipe and a yard, basement, foundation, or other property. In cold climates, pipelining helps provide additional protection against pipes freezing and bursting below ground, and in homes with poor water pressure, pipelining can help increase water flow to provide more stable pressure to all household appliances.

It may not be useful immediately, but knowing the potential applications of pipelining is a valuable asset for a homeowner. As a more convenient, faster, and cost-effective solution to major sewer line issues, or as an additional layer of protection for all underground pipes, pipelining provides greater peace of mind when employed. Should you consider exploring what it would take to start pipelining your home’s pipes, or if you have any questions about the best time to consider pipelining, reach out to the licensed technicians at Duane Blanton Family Home Services. Give them a call at (815) 781-2567, and the experts at Duane Blanton will have all the information you need to help decide when pipelining is the right choice for your home. Or reach out online from the comfort of your living room using the convenient online scheduling portal, and a professional at Duane Blanton will help guide you through the pipelining process.

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