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You really shouldn’t use so much water

Check Faucets For Dripping Water

Water faucets can drip water, which doesn’t mean that there’s a leak, but sometimes, those in the house tend to leave the faucet on slightly, and this means that a little bit of water will be dripping from the tap, resulting in wasted water in your Round Lake home.

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Even if it’s a single drop of water per second, this will equal 5 gallons a day (one faucet), which can quickly add up to a large water bill and wasted water. Always ensure that faucets are completely turned off.

The Right Dishwasher Can Save Water

Depending on the dishwasher that you have in your Round Lake home, you may be able to save water by using the dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes. Those who have a water conserving dishwasher may want to utilize it more than washing dishes by hand, especially since it’s possible to save a tremendous amount of water over time.

Don’t Thaw Food Under Running Hot Water

When people are in a rush to get dinner on the table, thawing out food underneath hot water seems like a good idea. You may run the hot water to start thawing food, and then you’ll eventually fill the sink with hot water to thaw the food even further. It’s best to think ahead of time and thaw any foods in the fridge as opposed to wasting water and thawing foods under hot running water.

If You Must Bathe, Then Don’t Waste Water

You may feel a need to take a bath once in a while, and that’s perfectly understandable, but you can use some methods to save water when taking a bath. If you bathe, don’t leave the water running until it gets hot, catch all the water because the bath will be warm once the water turns warm and starts filling it up.

Since a bath typically takes around 30 gallons or more, it’s unlikely that more than a few gallons of the water will be cool, so you can ensure you’ll get a warm bath, even if you catch all the water in the tub.

Get The Right Pot Or Pan For The Job

Pick the right sized pan when cooking because bigger pots or pans may require more water than is needed. If you only use as much water as is needed for the size pot or pan you have, then you’ll be able to conserve water each time you cook food.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Round Lake, IL home. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing today at (815) 781-2567, and see  how much you can save this month.

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