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What happens if you don’t change your air filter each month

Technician removing dirty furnace air filter

Do you change your air filter each month? Checking and changing A/C filters every month might not seem like such an important item around the house, but a clean air filter can have a dramatically positive effect on the atmosphere of a home. And letting a filter become too clogged can lead to some pretty nasty results. Being a homeowner requires staying on top of what feels like an ever-growing list of chores and household duties. Trying to stay organized and on schedule with every task can quickly feel overwhelming, and can lead many to ponder the necessity of each item on their checklist. While certain tasks can be pushed out longer, or rescheduled for later in a season, one of the more simple tasks that many try to avoid until the last minute is changing their air filters. 

What Happens If I Don’t Replace My AC Filter?

A Clogged Filter Lowers Air Quality 

Issues from a dirty A/C filter can spread throughout an entire home. Unless there is an exceptional amount of built-up dust and debris on the filter, air will still travel through the filter in some capacity. As air is circulated through the filter, it brings with it the various particles trapped on the filter — dander, pollen, dust, bacteria — and spreads them out through the vents in each room of a home. These particles are then eventually inhaled by the home’s residents as they go about their day none the wiser. Breathing in these offensive particles within the air, spread by a clogged A/C filter, can result in several different health issues, such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, and cold- and flu-like symptoms that can be related to your indoor air quality.

A/C Unit Damage and Avoidable Repairs

By regularly changing out the air filter, the A/C unit itself is able to run longer and more efficiently. But putting off replacing a filer, or allowing it to become excessively dirty and clogged, can lead to an A/C unit breaking down and homeowners paying for repairs that could have been avoided.

As dust and debris build up on the filter over time, it becomes harder for the A/C unit to move air, causing the unit to work harder to maintain the same performance, forcing the A/C unit’s motor to run harder, opening it up to potential overheating or breakdown. Changing out the filter helps the A/C continue cycling cool air throughout a home with less effort, which is especially important during the peak cooling months of summer.

Paying More Than Necessary on Summer Cooling

Besides the direct costs for repairs, an A/C unit with a dirty filter will not only affect the unit’s performance but will have an effect on a home’s overall electricity bill as well. As the unit runs harder, it uses more power to circulate the air to maintain a consistent temperature. Simply put, the harder the A/C unit works, the higher the power bill will be. Keeping a clean A/C filter means an annual savings of anywhere from 5–15% on a home’s energy bill, according to the Department of Energy.

When Was The Last Time The A/C Filter Was Changed In Your Home?

For most homeowners, this chore is as simple to complete as it is to forget. No matter how often it’s added to spring cleaning checklists, or weekly chore lists, or monthly calendars around the house, replacing the home’s HVAC filter seems to slip through the cracks. Fortunately, filter technology has continued to innovate over the years, and new products have been developed to help homeowners stay on schedule and replace their A/C filters in a timely manner.

What is an Electronic Filter Monitor?

Electronic Filter Monitors are small monitoring devices that can read the air quality in a home via built-in sensors, and automatically email alerts when it is time to replace the home’s A/C filter. Running on either batteries or a wall plug, these monitors have expanded functionality as well, providing reports that detail which filters they are monitoring and the health of each filter.

Removes the Guesswork

Because each A/C unit runs slightly differently depending on the needs of the household, standard filter replacement time-tables might not be entirely accurate for determining when a homeowner should replace their A/C filters. Rather than relying on the guesswork of a basic time range, or feeling the need to constantly physically check on the filter, homeowners can reliably relax and wait to be automatically alerted when it’s time for a filter to be replaced.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ensuring that air filters are replaced regularly is necessary to maintain higher indoor air quality. Letting an air filter continue cycling air when it’s past it’s prime leads to build-ups of dirt, mold, and allergens that will continue circulating as air moves through the ducts. Not only will this spread the debris around the home, but it can lead to health complications as well. This also leads to a furnace and A/C running harder than they need to, which could damage the functionality of the unit, leading to major, expensive repairs or replacements.

With an Electronic Filter Monitor, an alert will be sent immediately at the optimal point to replace the filter, ensuring air quality doesn’t dip, and everyone is able to continue breathing clean, freshly cycled air. The Electronic Filter Monitors are also able to send specific alerts when filters are clogged, prompting homeowners to replace the filters earlier to avoid any upsets in the system.

For some homeowners, an additional piece of equipment may not be an ideal addition, but for others, the added convenience of an Electronic Filter Monitor is undeniable. Though it can be a lower priority, just the simple act of removing the guesswork and constant monitoring of air filters around the house can help ease the minds of homeowners. If you feel like adding an Electronic Filter Monitor could be helpful, and have questions about setting it up, or if you have specific questions about your home’s HVAC system before acquiring a monitor, reach out to the professionals at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling, a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.

Schedule AC Filter Replacement Today!

All in all, it’s healthier, cleaner, and more cost-effective to take the time to quickly change out an old air filter over a weekend than to skip over the chore and land in potentially hot water. Staying on schedule and tackling the task when it comes up every month or so will end up saving homeowners a lot of time and effort in the long run, and get a much longer life out of the home’s A/C unit to boot. 

Our licensed technicians will be able to guide homeowners through any questions or issues they may have regarding the A/C system within their homes, ensuring their homes remain cool and comfortable through the rising heat of summer. Call or schedule an appointment right from your browser with their convenient online scheduling portal.


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