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Bathroom remodeling trends for an updated look

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bathroom remodel is one project that is sure to change the look and feel of your home. If the project is one that involves moving around plumbing, it is best left to experts. A qualified plumber can make sure that the sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc are correctly installed to make your new bathroom exactly as you had planned. Whether you are turning your existing bathroom into more of a spa-like retreat or just trying to stay up-to-date with the latest bathroom styles, these bathroom remodel ideas are some of the top trends for 2015.

Say Goodbye to the Bath

Many homeowners are choosing larger showers and other space-taking amenities over baths for their remodel projects. It used to be that leaving out a bathtub was bad for resale value but comfort and personal preference seems to be winning out over the possible resale value when it comes to bathrooms. If bathtubs are included, they are often free-standing units rather than built-in baths.

Heated Tile Floor

What was once considered a luxury is now becoming the standard in bathroom flooring. Radiant floor heating is installed with tile to create a warm, comfortable space for tender feet. Rectangular tile is the most popular in a single shade or wood grain.

Earthy Gray Paint

Gray is taking over as the color of choice throughout homes in 2015. It is a neutral tone that works everywhere-especially the bathroom. It is often matched with a bold color for a cool combination. Walls, cabinets, and even flooring options are getting the gray treatment in 2015.

Granite Counter/ Custom Cabinets

Stone countertops and custom built cabinets are par for the course in recent bathroom remodels. Granite remains the popular choice for countertops for its beauty, versatility, and relative affordability. Custom cabinets that fit the needs of the homeowner are another trend that is becoming popular in bathrooms.

Frameless Showers

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Showers are becoming the main attraction for modern bathrooms. The master shower has multiple spray heads, is frameless and made with a walk-in design for better accessibility and ease of cleaning. Gone are the prefabricated shower kits of the past. Beautifully tiled walls create a luxurious feel that homeowners are looking for.

Whatever your style may be, your dream bathroom can become a reality. Collect ideas and pictures to show the professionals that will create your bathroom oasis. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and you can look forward to enjoying a fashionable and functional bathroom in 2015.

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