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Hvac up lights, do they really work?

Air quality is an important level for homeowners to keep in mind. Because ensuring a high level of air quality inside means keeping the space healthy and free of allergens, particles, and pollutants while the atmosphere stays comfortable. There are a number of ways for homeowners to keep the air quality — regularly dusting, checking and changing the air filters, and being mindful about when windows and doors are open to let breezes in. But there are some higher tech options that some homeowners may be unfamiliar with that could help at-home air quality, as well. HVAC UV lights are one such upgrade that homeowners can make, and for homeowners unfamiliar with what they are and how they work, may be skeptical about how well they work. But installing these specific lights might be one of the best ways for homeowners to fight airborne particulates without putting in too much additional work.

What are HVAC UV lights?

HVAC UV lights are specialized UV-C lights professionally installed inside of a home’s HVAC system. By installing these lights near air intakes and in areas deep within the system that are difficult to clean — bends, coils, etc. — the lights are able to bombard the air particles with UV radiation, cleansing the air of germs and bacteria that can’t hold up against the UV rays. 

UV-C lights are used specifically as the particular wavelength of UV radiation they emit is highly effective at eliminating specific germs and bacteria. It’s the same type of light utilized in medical applications to sterilize equipment and their own air filtration systems.

What are the limitations of HVAC UV lights?

HVAC UV lights aren’t capable of fully eliminating the full spectrum of air pollutants. This is why they are installed near the air intake, not far from the air filters. A high-grade filter is capable of capturing larger pollutants and particles that travel through the air, and can strip the protective layers from smaller particles, such as mold spores and bacteria. This leaves those bare particulates vulnerable when they come in contact with the UV light, and what leads to their elimination. 

UV lights will also require maintenance — namely, changing the bulbs when they burn out. Because of the specialized nature of the lights and bulbs, and because they need to be installed very specifically, it’s recommended that professional technicians handle both the installation and maintenance of the lights, to ensure they are properly placed and maintained without damaging the home or homeowners.

So do HVAC UV lights work?

Yes, as long as they installed correctly and maintained. 

Homeowners should already be mindful about scheduling regular annual maintenance checks for their HVAC systems to avoid any issues and keep the system performing as expected. But these checks become especially important when additional, specialized equipment is introduced to the system, such as HVAC UV lights, as certified technicians will be the ones most qualified and able to keep these pieces of equipment functioning at peak efficiency to ensure a home’s air quality remains at a healthy level.

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