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Spring Checklist for Your HVAC System

Now is when homeowners set aside time to commit to spring cleaning, and some are more thorough than others. Whether cleaning every room, top to bottom or just dusting and sorting a few spots with a little more attention, every homeowner should find the time to perform some basic HVAC maintenance on their home’s system. Not only will this get an HVAC system cleaned up from the extra work put in over the winter months, but it will also set up the system to run more efficiently into the summer and fall. So between the painting, organizing, and redesigning, use the following checklist to give the home’s HVAC system some well-deserved TLC. 

Flip the Switch From Heat to Cool

Perhaps the easiest piece, don’t forget to switch over the system from heating to cooling. Once flipped, listen as the system kicks on and runs through a complete cycle. As the cooling A/C cycle runs, move around the house, and pay attention to any unusual behavior from the ducts or vents. Be on the lookout for strange knocking sounds, if the cycle stops abruptly at any point if any odd odors or debris emit from vents. These are all signs that something may be happening internally that needs to be addressed by a professional.

While the cycle runs, feel for a noticeable temperature shift as well, specifically whether the temperature actually gets cooler consistently from room to room. If not, there could be an issue with the internal thermometer, cooling elements, or air intake from the outside, or with the thermostat. Any of these results could be a sign that something needs a more thorough look within an HVAC system. 

Replace the Furnace Filters

If flipping on the cold air is the easiest step, replacing the furnace filter is just a rung higher on the difficulty scale. While not a particularly challenging task, replacing the filer is an often overlooked routine. Ideally, these filters should be replaced every 30–90 days, and after working through the winter months, they are certainly ready to be replaced. Responsible for trapping dirt, dust, mildew, allergens, and other nasty airborne pollutants — keeping the air throughout a home free from dust and debris — the filters from last season have likely become quite dirty and clogged, which is natural, especially given the dryer conditions during the cold season.

Replacing these filters now will ensure the air quality stays healthy and prepares for all the new allergens of spring, like pollen, as well as reducing the overall strain from regularly running an HVAC unit. A clean filter allows air to more easily move through the HVAC unit, lightening the load on the internal blower motor.

Clean and Inspect the Outdoor A/C Unit

Take a quick trip outside, and look over the outdoor A/C unit. If it has been covered for winter, now is the time to uncover the unit and let it breathe in the fresh spring air. 

Make sure the outside and top of the unit are free of debris, branches, and trash, and ready to get up and running. This bit of extra cleaning will help the unit run easier as it starts seeing regular use again to keep a home cool. It’s a good idea to take a quick look at the indoor vents as well, and see that they’re free of any dust and hair build-up, so that airflow throughout the home runs smoothly.

Schedule An Annual Maintenance Inspection

It’s always a good idea to get maintenance out of the way early in the season. Scheduling annual maintenance early will help catch any issues before they have a chance to persist and cause real harm. Consider the A/C is running more consistently during warm summer and early fall, it’s necessary to have a maintenance check to keep the system from going down, as a break for even a short period during the summer heat would be more than noticeable. 

This is also the time to bring up any of the odd sounds, smells, or sights that came up after listening and observing the first A/C cycle previously, as this can help the technician pinpoint potential areas of interest that need closer examination.

Prepping your HVAC system for spring means being prepared for the rest of the seasonal changes to come, and knocking out an annual inspection clears up time later on that can be used to enjoy the spring weather and activities. If you’re looking for licensed professionals to tackle your spring HVAC inspection, or if you have any A/C or HVAC questions the need answers, reach out to Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling. Our experts have over 30 years of experience and knowledge and are prepared to answer any question and provide solutions, for all your HVAC questions. Call today or use our online scheduling portal.


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