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Do Your Drain Cleaning In The Summer

Drain Cleaning

There is a lot of sense in having your drains cleaned during the summer months. Drain cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of a home or business. Drains need to be cleaned to maintain a healthy and free-flowing plumbing system.

The advantages of cleaning drains every few summers is enormous. This is the time that tree roots begin to grow into drain lines. It is important to cut these off when they first start. Once they have found the nutrient rich environment of a drain line, roots grow into them and expand creating large holes in the line and blocking the flow. If the block is bad enough, it may cause the line to burst at some time bringing an expensive repair bill. Breaking the roots causes the tree to seek elsewhere for its nutrients.

At the same time it is imperative that you have your licensed plumber clean the drains of your sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Clogs of hair build from small to large over time causing drainage problems inside the house. It is even more important to have these types of drain cleanings if you live in a hard-water area. Calcium buildup can also clog your pipes. Grease buildup in the kitchen needs to be cleaned. No matter how careful you are, grease will always coagulate in the kitchen sink drain. You may not be able to see it, but you can smell it.

Noxious fumes are a health hazard, not only for your home, but for the whole community. Bacterium lies in those fumes. Bacteria that can cause serious health issues. A proper cleaning by a licensed plumber will assure you that your pipes will not harbor those dangerous germs and bacteria that can be so damaging to a person’s body.

Coordinating your time of cleaning for the summer takes care of the major draining issue of a possible root clog. To perform the other drain cleanings at the same time guarantees that you have cleaned the whole residence. Cleaning the inside drain first makes sense because some debris will fall into the sewer line. That debris will be removed when cleaning the main line of roots.

It just makes sense to clean your drains in the summer. At that time, you are able to address all the possible scenarios with a one-time plumber visit.

Is your Round Lakes home in need of professional drain cleaning? Call Duane Blanton at (815) 781-2567 for the best services in your area! 

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